At least five unguided projectiles have been fired at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, a major US compound north of Kabul, local officials have said. No reports of damage or casualties have been immediately available.

The rocket attack on the base occurred on Saturday, according to Wahida Shahkar, spokeswoman for the Parwan province governor. Five projectiles were fired at the base, while local police were able to locate a vehicle-mounted launcher and defuse seven more.

The attack did not inflict any casualties among civilians, Shahkar said. She was not able to provide any detail on possible damage or casualties within the premises of the US airbase. An unnamed NATO official has confirmed the incident to AP, adding that initial reports on the incident suggested no damage had been done to the airbase.

So far, no militant group has claimed responsibility for the rocket barrage. It also remains unclear whether any attackers were apprehended by local security forces.

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