The company of the industry, Muller Martini reduces. According to the unions, the location, Stans, NW, will be abandoned. Overall, this year, 115 Posts are to be deleted. In Switzerland, Muller Martini has 800 employees around the world in 1800. In Stan’s 60 employees are affected.

According to employees of Switzerland, is part of long term employees. Many of them are over 50 years old. Nine apprentices lose their training place. We are confident that they can finish their apprenticeship within or outside the company, say it in a message to the company.

“It is an ugly event,”

was confirmed by An employee in the Stans opposite VIEW: “We have today been informed. It was an ugly event.” Managing Director Herbert Wicki informed the employees personally. The Executive Board explained the reduction with the changed market environment. Revenues in the print sector collapsed.

The person in charge of the family company took in the last few months, all for the preservation of jobs, in spite of the Wegbruchs of the orders. It was, however, concludes that “the fact that we are not able to compensate for the significant decline in the area of the new machines without painful incisions,” says CEO Bruno Müller. According to the business line from Muller Martini, there should be as few redundancies. You want to reduce the major part by natural fluctuation and early retirements.

by the end of 2018 have apparently occurred serious problems. On the employer evaluation platform Kununu, employees were concerned: “the Difficult order situation. Uncertainty in personnel.” Another employee of Muller Martini wrote in February: “up and down in the workload uncertainty for workers.”

revenues in the print segment, broken

The whole print area for decades in a state of upheaval and require smaller and more flexible plants. In addition, revenues in the print sector in the last 20 years, are melted together, continually, writes Martini Müller. In the case of the book binding systems, a new specific demand for production capacity of mini, however, is to determine in consequence of the digitalization of pads on order.

employees in Switzerland are expected by the management Board and CEO of Muller Martini, that this is jumping over your shadow and the more experienced employees in the company. Or that they are working to find the Bodies Concerned in other companies in the area. The ability to transfer, the company, at best, integral, and must be assessed on every case seriously.

For the Union Unia, the example of Müller Martini: “to use the Switzerland of the opportunities offered by the ecological conversion, it needs finally a future-oriented industrial policy,” writes the Union in a message.

“A disaster for the Central Switzerland”

“For the Stans and the whole of Central Switzerland, is a disaster. The regional economy is now demanded, the company must record as many people as possible,” calls for Urs Gander, regional Secretary of the trade Union Syna, Ob – and Nidwalden. Just as a family must consider Muller Martini is good, whether it really is a well-established location is to be dispensed.

The family business founded in 1946, Muller Martini has its headquarters in Zofingen and has with the world of 1800 employees in the development and production of industrial system solutions for print processing.