The incident is said to have occurred in Hesse in mid-October at the AfD state party conference. AfD man Uwe Schulz gave AfD deputy head Mariana Harder-Kühnel “initially a deliberate push with the shoulder”. This is how it should be formulated in the warning letter according to information from “stern”.

On top of that. Later, Schulz is said to have approached his group colleague again, “several times” and “close to her with an aggressive and intimidating posture” and described her as a “shitty narcissist”. He also insulted her with the words: “You are the last piece of dirt”.

Uwe Schulz doesn’t want to let this sit on him. He explained to the “stern” that he felt slandered. Although he admitted to the conversation with Harder-Kühnel, “the words narcissist who don’t give a fuck about party work came from my direction”. However, a lawyer had already filed criminal charges against Mariana Harder-Kühnel and at least one other person on his behalf, “because of the alleged ‘violence’ at the state party conference”.

The state of health of the retired German Pope Benedict XVI. deteriorates according to information from the Vatican. On Wednesday, his successor, Pope Francis, asked for prayers for Benedict. All developments in the news ticker from FOCUS online.

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has renamed the “Bismarck Room” in her office. The Green politician did not provide a reason for this. This is incomprehensible, especially since Bismarck not only shone as a politician, but also as an author.