Muceniece was released on bond after scandal

Agata muceniece were able to recover your account in Instagram and tell fans what happened between her and her husband Paul Priluchny. The actress assured fans that now she and the children are safe.

The star of the movie “Tobol” thanked everyone for their support and added that she was very important to feel that she was not alone. Co-Host Of “The Voice. The children” have complained that it is very difficult to come to terms with what happened between her and Priluchny. But the actress is confident that you will find the strength to move on.

She says she has learned from all their mistakes.

Believe me, I am not an enemy of the Pasha, I just want his mental and physical health returned to normal! — wrote the mother of two children.

Now she considers its main task to show the children that the f-family is the joy, fun and laughter, and happiness.

Earlier reported that the actress Agatha muceniece said that her ex-husband Paul Priluchny drove the family out of the house. She admitted that the actor raised her hand and demanded that she and the children left their common home.