Agata muceniece

news that the 32-year-old Paul Priluchny flew away to rest in the Crimea, along with two children from his marriage to Agatha muceniece and her new 34-year-old sweetheart Miroslava Karpovich appeared a week ago. In the web there are pictures paparazzi, on which Miroslav lovingly looks at Paul is on his hands and hugs his four-year-old daughter MIA and spends time with his son’s new boyfriend.

After the publication of these pictures ex-wife of Paul literally inundated with questions on the network: most subscribers interested in how Agatha allowed her ex-husband to take on holiday with new love their two small children, who still do not fully understand that the parents had broken up. Only today muceniece finally answered this question interests many of her podeschi instagram.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny with children

I’ve released only with the Pope,

‘ said Agatha, thereby explaining that simply didn’t know what Priluchny takes a family vacation and his new beloved.

we will Remind that after occurrence in the network of the photo of Paul with the children and Miroslava Karpovich actor turned to reporters and fans. In this post he explained that after his divorce from Agatha in his life began a new stage, and asked journalists and fans not to meddle in his personal Affairs.

Agata muceniece with children

Dear friends, followers, haters, trollery, media and other honorable audience! Recently divorced a lot of rumors about my personal life. In order to dispel them once and for all and cease to intrude into my space, I want you to understand that I never liked and don’t like to make public. In my life long ago began a new phase that doesn’t require her direct involvement on your part. I am the same person as you, and I am absolutely sure that you, like me, are unlikely to be impressed by the blossoming of rumors, attributing non-existent stories, insults my family and so backbiting to me. And I would like to wish you to spend less time on me and more on themselves, their home, their environment and their personal lives,

— wrote Priluchny.

Miroslava Karpovich

by the Way, yesterday in the press there are new details of the relationship of Paul and Miroslava. The neighbors of the little village in which there lives the actor say that before the holidays Karpovich moved to a country cottage boyfriend, drove back all their belongings and now feels at home with. According to villagers, Miroslav does not forget to remind the housekeeper and staff of the house that she is now his new mistress.

Paul Priluchny with her daughter MIA on vacation in the Crimea