MTS has asked subscribers not to overload the network memes

the President of MTS addressed to subscribers with a request not to overload the mobile network operator without the need. About it Alexey Root wrote in an open letter on the website of the company.

the head of the company explained that with the transfer of many employees to work remotely because of the epidemic of the coronavirus have significantly increased the load on the network. In this regard, is not necessary to additionally load it with data, the shipment of which is optional.

“I would Like to encourage you to make a conscious handling of content in the network. This does not mean that you need to give up watching movies online or participate in videoconferences in the framework of remote work. I say that in the current situation can be avoided, for example, shipments are fun, but “heavy” for the amount of video in the messenger dozens of their contacts. When the number of such videos is growing exponentially – it creates an optional, but a large load on the infrastructure operators.” the Alex Root the Academy

the letter notes that traffic increased across the network, but most notably in Moscow, 30%. Although the network of MTS – “one of the best” in the country, its capabilities are physically limited. Previously the world’s largest streaming services – Netflix, YouTube and others – have taken steps to reduce the amount of data transferred.

yesterday it was reported that in the transition of many employees from the capital to remote work some services have recorded atypical day load. We are talking about grown the number of trips by taxi in the daytime, as well as the increase in daily TV viewing.

Text: To.Hi-tech