the West stand of the Moscow stadium “Dynamo” since the days of the great Patriotic war hung a yellowed now a plaque: “Here, in the first months of the second world war formed a combat fighter group of athletes volunteers”. Basically, it was the Dynamo, which operated behind enemy lines. After the reconstruction of the stadium this plate again appeared on the facade of the West stand.

From the first days of the war, Moscow Dynamo stadium turned into a military training center for fighters. Athletes-Dynamo, physically hardy and trained, fought as part of the separate motorized rifle brigade of special function (OMSBON) at the fourth Department of the NKVD of the USSR. Were abandoned behind enemy lines, committing acts of sabotage, suppress the activities of German intelligence, destroyed the Nazi leaders and traitors in the temporarily occupied territory.

Remember us, ten boys from the football school of Dynamo Moscow, was solemnly admitted to the club “Young Dynamo”. Then the famous former football player Mikhail Semichastny (team captain of the first postwar years, the arc acted in the autumn of 1945 on the football fields of England) led us to the Museum of “Dynamo”. Stayed at the stand with photos of the athletes at the front… One of them – Vladimir Avdonin – war intelligence.

When the sevenfold nature of man is not easy, began to talk about Avdonina, his face softened, a look, usually penetrating, sharp – warmer. And we boys remembered that story for a long time.

Avdonin played football in Lefortovo for the youth team “Start”. Athletic, with good speed, strong shot with both feet, he scored a lot in the championship of Moscow. Then drew it to the attention of Konstantin Beskov, at that time the capital played for “metallurg”. There, in Lefortovo, where they met.

the Great Patriotic war, and Volodya Avdonin at the age of 17 went to the front as a volunteer. Sent to Yaroslavl infantry school. From there, in intelligence selected the most tough, physically strong, straight shooting, Avdonin was in the reconnaissance company of the 50th armored brigade.

– the Ability to take “language” especially prized among frontline scouts, – said Mikhail Semichastny. – First to Avdonina combat operation behind enemy lines, and, crossing the front line, four of the scouts suddenly ambushed collided with fifteen the Nazis. Avdonin not confused: the first threw a grenade, placing four. Then the scouts, rushed into the trench of the Germans, others were shot. All our fighters survived.

We boys were asked to tell something of the battle history of the teammate. And sevenfold, realizing that the us is really interested, he continued:

– it was Hot during the crossing of the bug river, not far from Uman. Tank�� 50 brigade rushed to the bridge. The Germans had mined the crossing, and one of the tanks, blown up, began to sink. Someone from the crew got out on the ice and cried out, that the tank remained the commander. Avdonin, without hesitation, under enemy fire, dived into the icy water and rescued the tanker… After the war he found Avdonina: in one of the matches saw a Billboard with his name. Broke through to us in the locker room, introduced himself. They recognized each other, hugged each other… Their friendship lasted a lifetime.

In 1944, Konstantin Beskov, already a first team player,”Dynamo”, seeing the game Avdonina, could not believe my eyes – how much he added. Returning home after being wounded, the hero-soldier has grown up and matured. In one of the matches of the championship of Moscow, which accidentally got Beeskow, Avdonin powerful blows with both feet scored 7 goals!

And Beeskow, the player known, recommended him to head coach of “Dynamo” Mikhail Jusino. So Mr Avdonin was in the famous team.

In 1945, Dynamo became the champion of the country. To consolidate young player in the first team was difficult. After all, next to such luminaries as Vladimir Kartsev, S. L. Solovyov, V. Trofimov, V. Blinkov, A. Malyavkin, N. Dementyev, the same Beeskow… However, Yakushin saw in the opener hard work, appreciated his will to win, the intransigence in the fight and great performance.

And in the same 1945 Vladimir in structure it is white-blue went to friendlies in the UK. Although to enter the field of then he, unfortunately, failed. But I watched and learned how to play the leading figures of British football, Tommy Lawton, Stanley Matthews and, of course, experienced members of the club plus strengthened the Dynamo soldier Vsevolod Bobrov. The Dynamo in that triumphal tour not lost to the stars of English football, and the tactics and techniques even largely exceeded.

Consistently entered Mr Avdonin in the main part of the Dynamo, only when the completed career of a constellation of the best players of the time. Here’s what he told me teammate Valeri urin, one of the best and fastest right wingers Moscow “Dynamo”, and the whole country in the 1950s.

on the Eve of the season 1954 or 1955, the year we held a friendly match in Leselidze with the Tbilisi “Dynamo”. A stadium full of fans sitting even on running tracks around the field… Equal was a game, and suddenly someone from sitting there shouted something insulting Avdonina, which at the time of the ball. Vladimir turns around, heading straight for this fan and a powerful strike from five metres, the ball hits him right in the forehead – he falls as knocked down, then Wake up, jumps to his feet and runs off… Dead silence, all silent, and then applause in approval. So Avdonin schooled ham, disgraced in front of the local Georgian fans.

Sun��was omnil Valery urin and one episode of training everyday Dynamo

– we Worked out a combination of game player to attack against one defender. Alexander Sokolov – young, full of energy in attack against the already “of age” Avdonina in defense. Once forty or forty-five we tried to outwit, beat, and managed only a few times! Tired brutally, and Avdonin – as a cucumber: fresh, full of energy. Another and poked fun at us: “Well, the youth exhausted?”

once, in 1970-e years, – has continued urin, – in the may holidays invited us to the match, the veterans in Kuntsevo. Kutuzov Avenue, Dorogomilovo – all closed, and we enter the bridge directly from the Kalinin Prospekt (now Novy Arbat. – approx. ed.). Runs up to the policeman: “No, the passage is closed special permit only!” What to do? We have a game coming up, there are no gaps… If a policeman sees on his lapel at Avdonina badge “Honorary security officer”. “Come on, please just be careful” – respectfully saluted and missed…

Mr Avdonin successfully played not only in football, but in hockey, winning the team Championships and cups of the country.

So successful was his work as a diplomatic courier in the foreign Ministry. Have traveled the globe inside and out… Once on the plane, at high altitude opened the door hatch, and a flight attendant air wave dragged right back – would take off for sure! All were amazed – not lost only Avdonin: here’s what the front-line quenching and reaction. With tightly attached to the right hand of the case documents, he left hand grabbed and held frightened to death of the stewardess.

One of my buddies Valery Chukhriy (once we played together in youth teams in the championship of Moscow) told me that in 1980-ies, when he worked in the trade representation of Russia in Ethiopia, between the diplomatic offices of different countries there are organized football tournaments.

And suddenly, “he says,” I know that in Addis Ababa fly two of our diplomatic courier, in the past players – Vladimir Avdonin and Vladimir brednev, a former player of the Moscow “torpedo”. Of course, I immediately incorporated them into the team of our Embassy for the upcoming game. They were happy, especially Avdonin that was again on the football field! There was so much emotions, fun, humor, and during the match, and then… “Well, thank you, respecting me, Valery, returned to youth soccer. I like fresh air inhaled, I said Volodya. Since I live and breathe I will always play football. It is a joy of life that we deliver to myself and to people…”

I remember 20 years ago we, the team of veterans of the Moscow “Dynamo”, played in Pskov with the local football veterans on the day of the birth of Vladimir Grigoryevich Avdonina – may 10, immediately after the Victory Day. He was honoured numerous bole��ishiki who still remember marLED forward of “Dynamo” in 1940-1950s, his powerful shots on goal.

And Vladimir G. sadly watched our game, and probably was mentally transported to my youth, remembering with dignity lived with fighting and football years.