in 2015, the Parliament has decided to overtake 2220 Duros complete. The contract went to the Thurgauer Mowag. And from the beginning of the criticism. First of all, because of the high price: it has been repeatedly criticised the fact that the once-for 140’000 Swiss francs, acquired a crew Transporter would now be rehabilitated for about 200’000 Swiss francs per piece. Headlines were also defective parts. In addition, the Duro-engine supplier Steyr is insolvent. Mowag is now on a Fiat engine, but over 200 Steyr-motors were already installed. The engine exchange not increases the price of the Duro only, it is also a late delivery and a penalty for the Mowag threatens. For the first time, Mowag-chief Oliver Dürr (47) takes a detailed position on the debacle. He receives a glimpse into the new Mowag production halls in Tägerwilen, TG.

Oliver Dürr: it would be Nice. But what do we do: from a good existing vehicle an even better new car. Since we are the Duro on it.

your amount is too high. The unit price is clearly below it. The Duro is a special vehicle that needs to hold at least 20 years. He has to drive through deep streams and with different fuels refueled can be. Such military requirements make a car more expensive. And also the present-day safety requirements: Each soldier can wear seat belts in the Duro. It is designed so that the occupants survive it, when he overturns.

Stop! Firstly, an equivalent new car would not be cheaper. Secondly, it makes sense, if we use the impeccable Chassis of the company Bucher and the 20 years ago Bucher and developed by Ruag-made cab out of aluminum. For around 200’000 Swiss francs, the Swiss army is here for the next 20 years, a great vehicle. The policy has initiated a resource-efficient and thus up-to-date program.

As we received the order, there was still no engine with Euro standard-6 on the market that you can fill different fuels. Due to the bankruptcy of Steyr we use now the more modern Fiat engine. However, we have already equipped 240 cars with Steyr-motors. For this we will need to replace the engine now.

The 47-year-old St. Gallen, Oliver Dürr is married and the father of two children. A skilled mechanic with training in Technical business administration directs the Mowag since the end of 2014.
The Thurgau-based company with a long tradition, specializing in armored wheeled vehicles, belongs since 2003 to the American defence group General Dynamics.

Duros . You create it anyway, the last vehicle in may 2022 to deliver?
I want to meet the deadline. Whether we can catch up the six months of delay, must have. It is not that our people would have put the hands in the Shot, to wait for the new engine. We have worked where we could. My goal is not to pay the amount of the penalty.

a Few million, anyway, a very painful sum. We have not tried Yes for no reason, with three other major customers to accept Steyr. There is a market for special motors. We have received the plant and the jobs like. Unfortunately, we have not succeeded.

Only so much: dealing with the insolvency administrator was extremely difficult.

Duro : The engine change is causing more costs. SC involved with CHF 3500 per vehicle in mind. You wear the other half?
Yes, we share the costs for the conversion to more environmentally-friendly Euro 6 engines in half. Euro-3 engines could be installed at the same cost for Armasuisse. But we now have even more work for the Expansion of the already-built Steyr-motors. In addition, the Mowag sits on these engines. Believe me: The Duro-conversion is for us a matter of the heart, but now is not financially more interesting.

Mowag nothing is more worthy of.
as of today, it is so. But I do not hide that we want to otherwise benefit us as a Swiss company, it is important to have from the Swiss military contracts. We don’t have those would not be questions of foreign armies, which is why us, the Federal trust. In addition, the Duro is a good product. Remember the rockslide in Bondo, because it was glad to the car.

Exactly. The English have asked us, for example, 30, 40 vehicles, as there were Floods. With normal trucks you came. With the Duro, you can go through 80 centimeter-high water. I believe that there is a civilian market.

Despite all the false allegations: The Duro is a great vehicle. Also, the current Tests of the Armasuisse confirm the. Last week, we have completed 4000 driving through water. Now we are in the cold chamber. The Duro has to start with the new engine at 2000 meters of altitude at minus 25 degrees in a certain period of time. So far everything is going very well.

so Far, not a single message to me that, in fact, condensation will form in the pig launchers. Also the Duro start just a 15 seconds delay, is not true. If you do not collapse just your Laptop, but quite a turn off, he needs some time to pry open types. However, it is important that you can disconnect the Duro from the current. So, you can start it, if it is not used in the Winter for a week. It is a mystery to me why the wrong messages are spread.

You can be for or against this order. Generally you can have with the arms industry to be a Problem. And you can criticize, that only armies buy our products. I can accept that. The wrong messages are not explained.

is the daughter of a US defence Corporation. You build tanks.
, We build vehicles like the Piranha wheeled armoured infantry fighting vehicle tank. His task is to protect the occupants against mines and grenades. We have created in the past four years, 400 jobs. Our industry is not sexy. You never read that our cars come in peace missions. No, we are medial only in against the wind. Added to this is the mercenary act, which concerns us.

Exactly. I don’t want that mercenary companies operate out of Switzerland. The law is designed in such a way that we have to fight with a huge bureaucracy. Currently our people to build in Belgium cars – for this we need an extra permit from the foreign Department, although the state has approved the Secretariat for the economy, the business already.

no, I just don’t want to submit to us in the way of that. You see: We can produce the Piranha in Switzerland, however, we are a global price leaders. No one is cheaper, which is why we have never been a contract because of the price lost. For political reasons, but even – so, because a head of government meddled with and for the product of his country has made. Our government does not do that. So be it.

Mowag uses?
not Really, no. As a citizen, I think it is right that the Federal Council acts neutral. I would hope, however, that other governments do.