A mountaineer in the Alps falls in front of her friend’s ears – thanks to her persistence and help, she finds her way back to life.

A 33-year-old German mountaineer survived a frightening experience in the high mountains of the Alps, reports the Austrian news site Krone. During her descent from the 2,340 meter high mountain “Daniel” at 12:30 noon on Tuesday (May 21st), she lost her bearings due to several snow fields.

In her desperate situation, she picked up the phone. “In order to draw attention to her plight, the woman contacted a local acquaintance, a 24-year-old Austrian, who then informed the emergency services,” the police are quoted as saying.

The situation then deteriorated dramatically in the middle of the conversation. “During the phone call, the 33-year-old suddenly slipped on a snowfield and fell about eight to ten meters,” said the Austrian investigators. The fall resulted in injuries to the mountaineer’s right forearm, as the “Krone” further reports.

The injured woman then managed to find her way back to the hiking trail. Her local acquaintance found the exhausted German below the Bichlbacher Alm at 3:10 p.m. Because of the foggy weather conditions, no helicopter could be used, according to the Krone, but several officers were on duty.

Just on Tuesday, another German mountaineer made headlines because he headed towards the Zugspitze without any significant equipment. He slipped and had to be rescued, but was lucky.

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