Not necessarily. But you can help greatly. In relation to the glacier and the Swiss specifications you enter new territory. As we take our Input.

The experience. He has already been renovated ten destinations. He and his son have a good sense of where it enter’s worth it to bring a company back on course. And thanks to the Schrock needle group, we can shop cheaper. Saas-Fee strategy with Billigabos is over.

expenses and income were in the miss ratio. Our predecessors thought they could sell more passports. In the end it was for the Destination, but the positive aspects: We were able to strengthen the awareness and the number of overnight stays back to bring.

For the railway company, it was more harmful. The marketing costs exceeded income. But it is also true that the SaaS valley mountain Railways have always lost more ground. The winter map was a rescue attempt that is not successful.

We assume that we can keep the number of guests approximately. It’s just that we now generate more revenue. Thrust brings us, that we are new to Magic-Pass-a network with over 30 destinations in.

It’s a curse and a blessing. We will surely benefit from it. Some areas in the deeper layers can at some point offer no more. However, the Situation on the glacier is more demanding, especially for the skiing in the summer.

We invest each year, around six to seven million francs — next year, we are expanding our snowmaking systems.

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