normally the season were to begin on 15 March in Australia, but the coronavirus has confused all plans. The pandemic is cancelled or rescheduled the first ten stages. The organizers had to actually re-create the calendar. While a formal published schedule of the first eight races: according to the regulations, it is a lot to spend, the season was considered valid. But in General, the objective of the company Liberty Media, which owns the rights to “Formula 1” – at least 15 races. It is necessary at least to all commercial contracts “Formula”, in particular, with television, was considered valid.

in accordance with the spirit of the time of the Austrian Grand Prix and the following seven stages, will take place without spectators, and in General with minimal crowding. For example, the number of staff each team will be reduced to 80 people (instead of 130), and on the track will work the necessary 1,200 employees.

as for the teams is a great achievement that all the 10 “stables” (as in the formula slang of the team) survived until the start of the season 2020. Because during the pause, had to hear that some teams in a pandemic will have to fight for existence. In fact, with the “McLaren” happened. To make ends meet, the legendary team had to fire 70 people from the racing division to take the credit. In a difficult financial situation and was “Williams”. But a number of other commands during pause didn’t waste any time and brought to Austria modified cars compared to what it was at the February pre-season tests in Barcelona.

a Favorite of the season, according to tradition, is considered the reigning champion, Briton Lewis Hamilton, who plays for the “Mercedes”. If Lewis will win the seventh title, then compares this indicator with the legendary Michael Schumacher. By the way, in Austria, the Mercedes presents a revolutionary the DAS system, allowing riders to go to change the angles of toe. It is possible that it will give Hamilton and his team-mate Valtteri bottas to the additional benefit.

According to bookmakers and specialists, the main rival of Hamilton should become a Dutch pilot of Red bull Max Verstappen. They say that the current car of the Austrian team is ideal for the style of the Dutch. Plus was not without novelties. In particular, the “Red bull” will get a new engine from “Honda”. By the way, that Verstappen has won the last two Grand Prix of Austria.

But Ferrari, who had been the main competitor of Mercedes, is not in the best mood. Updates from the Italians should just wait for the third stage, that is, in Austria came the car in its February version. Well, the fact that Sebastian Vettel at the end of the season will leave the team, does not add optimism. It is unclear how much the German motive��tion for the upcoming season.

as for our Daniel quata of “alpha Tauri” (the former Toro Rosso), on the one hand there is a place certain ambitions – after all, the team will get as “Red bull”, the new engine from “Honda” and various other improvements, and system consultant Red bull Helmut Marko said that “alpha Tauri” “always be behind” of the main team. However, the season promises to be unpredictable and it is possible that Kvyat in the case of successful performances will get the chance to prove himself as partner Verstappen. •

July 5, Sunday

Match TV

15.55 Grand Prix of Austria. Video stream