Where’s Marc Marquez drives that are not bruises. The MotoGP world champion is known and notorious for his aggressive and uncompromising driving style, for his Elbow. More than once he has exaggerated it, and falls and collisions caused.

The 26-Year-old is not looking to change that. It is part of his recipe for Success that has earned him seven world titles.

From time to time it crashes

In the DAZN-documentation “Lo llevamos en la sangre” (it is in our blood, ed.) he now explains his bully philosophy: “motorcycle sport is not a contact sport, but there are contacts. If the field is so close together, will fight two drivers, sooner or later, the same piece of track. One defends, the other attacks.”

And it crashes then to. Dicey, it will especially if the one who defends himself, doing his Job very well. Maneuver without touching be nearly impossible.

The MotoGP had to because of Marquez

rethink “There are drivers who say that the gap must exist, and there are drivers who say that you must create the gap. I think that if the man in front of you defended well, you have to create the gap,” explains Marquez. This was his philosophy. “You have to find the point at which one is stronger. Of course, it may happen that you do not overdo it.”

In the case of Marquez, which is only too often the case. to go With his offensive nature of the Catalan forced the MotoGP even to rethink. In the case of collisions, you want to come down harder. Since the beginning of the season 2019, a chief Steward is installed, the only look at collisions and penalties by was even.

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