Tom Lüthi in Misano, the long-awaited Comeback to the top. The Emmental is driving with only 2,733 seconds behind the winner Augusto Fernandez crossed the finish line. That’s enough for 4th place. The best result since the end of June. So close to the Front Lüthi was during his four-race-long Mini-crisis, never more.

But it is actually a race that would have to Lüthi a podium to contribute! Winner Fernandez räubert in the last round in his wild fight against Fabio Di Giannantonio clear next to the track, take without permission a lot of momentum. And the Spaniard jostled in the following curve male the Italian to victory. This should actually be a time penalty, which would throw back the Spaniard in the standings. Lüthi would inherit rank 3.

But the race organization is stealing from him the pedestal. Fernandez will not be sanctioned. Everything remains as it is. Or is it not? As the podium ceremony is long over, announces the stewards, however, to quote Fernandez and Di Giannantonio to a meeting. However, Lüthi remains cool: “Because nothing will change more. But it is positive that I’m back at the top of people.” Tom was right – at 16:55 it is established that the three-time season winner without a penalty.

Luthi in the championship next back

But the big Problem in the case of Luthi’s return in the circle of the Fastest In the world Cup, nothing brings it, on the contrary! With championship Leader Alex Marquez (3.) and Fernandez lawn, two of his direct rivals once more on the podium. Lüthi agree fully, but never in the striking distance to the Top tires 3 suit. He says: “to Me the gear is out jumped, then I had to push to re-approach. Two, three mistakes to me, therefore, it is not enough. But the performance is encouraging for the upcoming races!”

In the table Lüthi but falls back again. World champion brother Marquez is now 38 points ahead of him and is fully on course for the title. Fernandez was previously the same Lüthi, now the Spaniards occupied the second place in the championship with 12 points ahead of the Swiss alone.

Dominique Aegerter rides on the 18. Rank to the target and remains punktelos.

Swiss soon in the Moto3 world championship

Good news there from young. With Jason Dupasquier (18) a is increasing for the first time in many years, a Swiss in the smallest class of the world championship. The Romand Team PrüstelGP writes in the German Moto3-a two-year contract starting in 2020.

Currently Dupasquier drives in the Junior series, the Red Bull Rookies Cup, where he is on the fifth place in the overall ranking. Can Since, the has with Daniel Epp to the same Manager as Lüthi trudging, one day in the foot of Tom, Aegerter and Jesko Raffin rise?

And the Zurich Jesko Raffin (23) with drives starting at the next GP in the Moto2 will be next year’s RW Team picks him up now.

MotoGP: record hunter, Marc Marquez

In the Premier class, hope to race tens of thousands of Fans on a podium of Idol, Valentino Rossi, at his home. But the bike-legend lands on rank 4. The Winner? Once again, Marc Marquez, the struggles in the last round Youngster Sensation Fabio Quartararo low. With his 77. GP-victory mark the end of the clear world Leader in the eternal victory list with Mike Hailwood and a new Fourth. Still in front of him: Giacomo Agostini (122 wins), Rossi (115) and Angel Nieto (90).