A young mother is desperate because her husband is annoyed by their daughter (15 months). At the same time he wants another child.

Small children rarely sleep peacefully, relaxed and quietly. This can sometimes really get on parents’ nerves. A young mother is now complaining on Reddit that her husband has a big problem with their restless baby.

“I feel really sick. I have a feeling in my stomach like I’ve never experienced before,” a young mother begins her entry with these drastic words. Her 15-month-old baby sleeps on the floor of the shared bedroom.

“I laid down next to her to rock her to sleep. She fell asleep, but she tossed and turned, banged her head against mine and started crying. My husband came into the room and said, ‘She’s screaming every night’ (she doesn’t), and then he said, ‘She’s ruining my life’ and threw himself into bed’.

But that’s not enough. The young mother also complains that her husband doesn’t take care of the toddler. She spent the first year almost alone with the child because her husband worked abroad.

“I care about her 100 percent. I’ve never had any help with her, I don’t live near relatives, I don’t have any friends, that’s how it is with me and her since she was born, she’s with me every minute of every day”.

Her husband was even upset that she wasn’t pregnant with a boy again. “As if I could choose which gender grows in my body? Why the hell would I want another child when I can barely make ends meet with the one I already have without help from anyone?”

The mother concludes with desperate words: “I feel completely broken and sick and alone that these words are coming out of his mouth. She is a very well-behaved, quiet, extremely intelligent, funny, beautiful little child. I am simply speechless now. I don’t know what to do or what to say to him.”

Most Reddit users agree: “Your husband is ruining your toddler’s life and your own,” one wrote. “Whatever you do, you won’t have another baby with him. He’s even more immature than a toddler,” commented another.

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