the Mother of the singer Grimes sandy Garossino protested sexist post beloved daughter — American businessman Elon musk. She criticized him in his Twitter account, but later deleted the post, which still managed to disperse over the network.

the Reporter was unhappy with a tweet in which the entrepreneur is called “take the red pill”. The phrase is a reference to the cult movie “the Matrix”, in which the protagonist faces a choice: take the blue pill and live in ignorance or to agree to the red and to learn the truth.

Some members considered that the post Mask indicates support of the President of the United States Donald trump, as the red is the unofficial color of the Republican party. Thus the phrase about the red pill often used by fighters for the rights of men. Garossino felt that their supports and Musk.

“If in the last two weeks your partner went through a tough pregnancy and delivery, and you would be more than 16 years, would you blow this shit with men’s rights?” — wrote the journalist.

that Mask and Grimes had a son, became known on may 5. This is the sixth child of a businessman and the firstborn artist, they are in a relationship since the spring of 2018.