Mother born with two heads the child is filing a complaint against physicians

In Argentina, a woman gave birth to a baby with two heads. The mother filed a complaint to physicians because both the ultrasound showed no abnormalities in the fetus.

according to the newspaper Uno Santa Fe, during childbirth doctors discovered the child’s problems with the heartbeat, therefore decided to carry out a caesarean section. After the procedure, the doctors informed the family that the baby was born dead, also he had two heads.

as a result, a resident of Argentina submitted the application to Prosecutor’s office, which complained of a medical error. In addition, the family does not exclude the possibility that physicians could replace one child with another. The lawyer of the injured party said that he had a certificate signed by the midwife, which indicates that the child was born alive and weighed 4.5 kg.

currently, this incident involved the Prosecutor’s office.