for a Long Zurich had a dubious honour: The town was for many years the most expensive patch of the world. Now, one other metropolis, has outperformed the largest Swiss city: San Francisco in the United States. The findings of a study by the German Bank.

The most important thing first of all: Long, Zürich, led in disposable income after deduction of rent. Now, the Zwingli-city occupies only the space of two. San Francisco is on the rise in the past five years in wages and disposable income in order to seven, respectively, and 21 places.

This is not sagged, the largest city in Switzerland and everywhere. A pleasing rise was in the category of quality of life. Here in Zurich displaced the previous leader, Wellington, new Zealand.

How did the changing of the guard at the top? One reason, according to the analysts: the rapid growth of the U.S. technology sector.

In its eighth Report to global price differences between similar goods and services (“Mapping the World’s Prices of 2019”) brought together the analysts of the German Bank data for 56 cities in 42 countries, in Switzerland, only Zurich has been investigated. So we learn:


2019 will cost on a Date in Zürich around 200 Swiss francs (as this amount is not clear, however, is quite clear from the study). In Cairo, this money is enough just for five Dates – and you can only walk along the Nile, and to wander around the pyramids. Since the Limmat river and the Fraumunster Church are not able to keep up.

buying clothes

Who wants to be in Zurich, new clothes, has to dig deep in the pockets. Switzerland is in this category, the clear number one. Sneakers cost in Switzerland an average of 152 Swiss francs. This is around 90 francs more than in the Indian city of Bangalore, which occupies the last place.

In the case of Jeans, it looks not better. A Pair of Levis costs in New York 57 Swiss francs, that is half from the swelling of the Zurich prize (120 francs). Lagos in Nigeria has the cheapest Jeans. There’s a Couple of costs only 25 Swiss francs.

beer and coffee

Zurich is not with an average of 7.20 Swiss francs for a Big by far the most expensive place for a beer. This is Dubai with 11.50 Swiss francs. In the Czech capital of Prague, it is the cheapest beer. That’s where the Big costs only 1.70 Swiss francs.

a coffee can recycle in Zurich headache: In comparison to Milan for a Cappuccino with 5.20 francs worth three times that. The Italian fashion city, according to also offers the best Cappuccino in the rank list.


The simple dinner in the pub around the corner for a cost of a little over 72 francs more than in any other place. In the last-place Buenos Aires, Argentina there’s just something about 14 Swiss francs. Visits to upscale Restaurants, Switzerland is on the front line – only the American New York is more expensive.


With a space 16 is not part of Zurich, the petrol is definitely the most Expensive. Who needs a lot of Fuel, which is found in Egypt well. In Cairo, the Liter will cost just 28 cents. The most expensive Fuel in Hong Kong. Here, the Liter costs almost $ 2.10 francs.


In Moscow, the Internet is really convenient. Russian Internet users only have to pay 7 francs per month. Switzerland 41 Swiss francs per month to the 14. Rank. Top position Dubai holds. Who wants to be in the desert metropolis is a window to the world, the flakes loose 83 Swiss francs back.

The study by the Deutsche Bank, is an approximation to the reality. On the calculation of the quality of life of the Bank, for instance, writes: “Our study is not a final guide in this matter, but a good starting point”.

For the selected products and services, the Deutsche Bank was, however, trying to make a selection, the are all over the world available by default. New York used the study as a reference. That means that all the prices are compared with New York. It is the eighth annual study on the prices in the cities of this world.