brigade of the Moscow ambulance to the fall will be equipped with portable capnography. These devices in real-time determine the level of carbon dioxide in the air which the patient exhales. Capnography allow doctors to conduct more effective diagnosis and treatment of conditions associated with respiratory failure.

Capnograph is a small device. He joins a special device through which people breathe, and captures the exhaled air. On the display of capnograph displays all the key indicators showing the exchange of carbon dioxide.

This device helps to track the level of carbon dioxide and observe the dynamics of the patient’s condition and efficacy of therapeutic interventions in different critical situations. Previously, these processes monitored only in hospitals, but now the ambulance can take the unit with you to the patient. The quality of diagnosis in this case is fully preserved.

Station of ambulance and emergency care name A. C. Puchkova — it is the largest ]20 posts on major highways, 10 on the ring road, and 77 on-site inpatient and outpatient healthcare organizations. At the Station of ambulance and emergency care name A. C. Puchkova employs 2.5 thousand doctors and 8.4 thousand specialists with secondary medical education.

every day in Moscow working 1040 ambulance crews, including more than 100 specialized. This anesthesiology-intensive care, pediatric, psychiatric, cardiac, ophthalmic, obstetric and other. All ambulance equipped with the necessary equipment to diagnose and provide qualified medical assistance to patients. General medical teams equipped with modern portable anesthesia-respiratory equipment, electrocardiographs, by cardiac monitors, defibrillators and nebulizers, as well as means of immobilization.

Station of emergency medical aid named after A. S. Puchkov of Moscow Department of health continues to update the equipment teams. In the coming year will be upgraded defibrillators, electrocardiographs, ventilators, and mobile intensive care complexes and incubators for transporting newborns.

And this year, the city purchased 300 new ambulances. This all-wheel drive cars Ford, Mercedes and GAS class B, they are equipped with modern equipment to assist in emergency and difficult situations, including traumatic brain injury, severe injury accidents, strokes and heart attacks.