“We can’t dictate to you about the creative process, but still I would like to start to minimize the rehearsal process. Priority to consider rehearsal involving no more than ten people, let’s get to work, but we’ll see,” – said Kibovsky cites RIA Novosti.

Among the other recommendations of the CPS ,who will have to follow the leaders of theaters, the necessity to observe social distance and to check the temperature at the entrance, the jobs should be provided with the necessary means of disinfection, and the premises must be processed twice a day.

the head of the culture Department recommends that, at first, to limit the number of employees and only call those that presence is really needed at rehearsals. “Older workers save. Do not risk it and just throw in all serious,” – said Kibovsky.

he Also advised not to lead to the absurd situation with the masks, the wearing of which is mandatory.

Minister of culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova signed an order on the phased reopening of Federal cultural institutions, which, in particular, States that employees should be allowed to return to work. However, to receive visitors and audience with museums, theatres and concert organizations

“Now, theatres will be able to gradually come out and start rehearsing, and museums will prepare projects that they will meet the public, of course, focusing on those stages and the road map that was developed by the Ministry”, – quotes the words of Olga Lyubimova press service said.