According to the authorities about 4 million Muscovites for the may holidays went out of the city. Officials told the citizens to plant potatoes and not stick out without the need for a fence around their sites. However, people tired of strict quarantine measures in the capital, in the fresh air, relaxed and had a ball. Our reporter walked through country villages Chekhov district and find out whether people comply with the regime of isolation in nature.

3 may have finally been the first truly warm day, as a result, many gardeners are unable to sit on the plots. While some of them worked in the beds, others went on the streets and in the stores nearby.

In the first SNT I met on the streets a lot of people. Children and adolescents riding on ATVs groups, moms companies walk with strollers. In the nearby woods I came across at least a dozen people with dogs and the company of young people, settled down with beer in the meadow.

– down the drain went our month-long self-isolation because of may holidays, – told me one strolling on the street the summer resident noticed. – We sat on the site quietly since March, and then the people of Moscow have tumbled down. The neighbor from the well the water is gone, came to us for her, not chase it. Then my another friend came, over the winter you missed – the same story. And grandchildren now will not keep the home, friends came, calling out.

On the local pond, surrounded by three suburban villages, pretty empty compared to last year’s may holidays. However, someone already riding the boat, and someone who indulges in intoxicating on the Bank. Two guys and decided first to open the swimming season, and now sit and bask on a wooden bridge.

the Food drive in country towns and villages where are located the main shops of the neighborhood. Meet a lot of cars, mainly with Moscow numbers. The only online store in the Parking lot not to stick. At the entrance with the car selling seedlings and flowers the private traders, buyers are rife.

In the store, too, the crowd, the distance at the box office no one observes, while on the floor are marked. Waiting people literally piled on top of each other. Some customers stand in a crowd without masks.

I was most surprised by one pair of parents: mom and dad in disguise, but a 5-6 month old baby from a woman on the hands without any protection. Most people purchased barbecue, hot on a large scale, chips and sweet. Good fish with draught beer, sold in a separate cubbyhole.

Their usual life goes on and in the surrounding villages. Guys stoked for life on the bench at the door, and children playing on the ribbons hung the forbidden sites. The masks you see here is not even the sellers. Launched on chin remedies I UDA��axis to see only two passing on the street Junior.

In a private store, popular with truckers, too, not overcrowded. Despite a sign at the entrance asking to keep the distance of 1.5 meters and do not stay in room more than 5 buyers at the checkout, the people again crowded close to each other. Locals say that on weekdays, people are always waiting for a queue in the street, now precautions no one cares.

Interestingly, in the may holidays opened its doors stores, which like during the high alert mode to work is prohibited. In particular, trade is the textile shop, where they sell towels, bathrobes and bed linen. Serving buyers and tent with seedlings and potted flowers. The door of the local hardware store opened, but the entrance is blocked by ribbon. Buyers stand in a queue in the street, and the seller himself brings the right product for cash.

toward evening, the suburban Hacienda starts pulling the sweet smoke. For fences made of mesh netting, you can see how there is a preparation for the evening meal. Many sites parked just a few cars, but at the table you can see a large company of 10-15 people. At the may holidays, the townspeople clearly did not give up socializing with friends. Fun music, good company, wine and barbecue, in General, a real feast during coronavirus.

But how were the holidays in one of the dacha on the outskirts of Mytishchi. Unusual to many people on the wide path that connects the forest and the water tower. The youth pulled out an inflatable loungers and sunbathing, nearby school children flying a kite, dog lovers leisurely walking their Pets. A lot of cyclists that are driven into the woods to get lost in the thicket. In fairness, distance, vacationers try to respect and even cross to the other side of the path at the sight of neighbors. All interest groups, apparently, are limited to relatives.

the Only place that caused shock and awe, is the nearest rural supermarket economy class. As it is one of two stores with more or less decent assortment within walking distance from the cottages, his demand skyrocketed.

Saturday morning, a small room of a Department store is teeming with people. Some visitors literally squeeze between others to get to the right shelves. Creates congestion. Someone coughs discreetly, someone wraps the face in a scarf. To stay away from people here is simply impossible.

Despite the fact that the hall is a crowd, locals, this, apparently, is not very scary: at least, none of the newcomers have not changed my mind to purchase here. Staff perceivell words and doing their job. When this young and cheerful cashier, scanning the packaging of yogurt, wiped his nose and reached for the next item on the cash register tape.