the Head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin has written to Moscow investigators in Karachay-Cherkessia, where the last days there have been numerous requests for assistance in the fight against COVID-19. Residents of the Republic claim that statistics on the number of cases and the quality of medical care, to put it mildly. Local authorities continue to insist that the spread of the infection in the region is all well and five deaths.

“After I learned about the arrival of the Commission from Moscow, people are warming to it. There was some kind of hope that we will be heard, says Ahmad Ebzeev, the Deputy of three convocations of the Parliament KCHR, the public figure of the Republic, first spoke about the situation. – The only thing we greatly fear that the Commission could go on about the authorities, then you need to go directly through the villages, chatting with people themselves about what is happening.”

the men had composed a letter to Vladimir Putin and all branches of the Federal government that KCR completely trouble.

“There are areas with a population of several dozen thousand people, where the population serves only one ambulance! – report in the letter to the President. – Are sorely lacking medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

Very bad things and with providers in the region who are in extreme limited resources are forced to struggle heroically rescuing people and often themselves sick due to the fact that not properly provided with PPE and are forced to buy them at their own expense.

the Expense of sick among physicians of the Republic has gone to dozens, and citizens who died over a hundred. There are instances when employees of the ambulance service are forced to resign EN masse from work to hear the guide!

the Population is extremely outraged by the fact that the leadership of the Republic to this day hides from the residents of the region and Federal center, the real figures for number of cases and deaths from coronavirus infection. Meanwhile, by estimates of independent experts, the rate of cases per 100 thousand population in Karachay-Cherkessia has already exceeded the similar indicator for the Republic of Dagestan and other North-Caucasian Federal district…”

By order of Alexander Bastrykin in the region to provide practical assistance to the investigators of the Central office and GSU in the North Caucasus Federal district”, – stated in the message on the Agency’s website.

it is Noted that the head of the UK instructed to report on the progress of all audits of the regional office of the violation of the rights of residents and medical staff in a complex epidemiological situation.

Yes, the Commission from Moscow arrives. So here due to the mode of isolation the reviewer to see the real situation, and not��Ko documents with a “beautiful” numbers? “The people can not be treated. If the family has a sick six, seven people, where to get money for drugs, when the official diagnosis put and do not assist” – complain “MK” by locals.

“Anxiety in the atmosphere, in society. People create groups motsepe, send each other information about the treatment, try each other to do something to help, I have a friend yesterday, my mom got sick – so it’s touched virtually everyone, says the Aurena Chebychev, journalist and writer. – I live in Moscow but originally from here – That came and inevitably got stuck… I’m in shock because as far as ordinary people took responsibility for each other and how they all help each other, more hope no one”.

PS, Earlier in mass media there were reports that statistics in the CPS of the region ruled out the possibility of manipulation of statistical information about the number of cases and deaths, noting that “the allegations of underreporting is not true”.