Since mid-March, when the Moscow school moved to distance learning in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, the students wrote more than 50 thousand test exam. To test the knowledge of students used the web service “My achievements”. After the tasks, participants could talk to an expert and get personal advice.

“My achievements” — an online platform for independent examination and self-preparation. For graduates of the service is available to current versions of exam papers in all subjects, exercise machines for filling of examination forms, videos, and more than 1.9 thousand diagnostic work and over 100 thousand jobs.

“My achievements” can benefit from students from across the country. Free to test your knowledge and skills at any time using a mobile device that has Internet access.

portal “School in the big city” has a section to prepare for Hemostasia teachers spent more than nine million online lessons

the Unified state exam will begin on 3 July. It will take only those graduates who intend to enter higher education this year. According to the Moscow Department of education and science, this year in Moscow, the school graduated 64 thousand eleventh. During the examinations will be carried out measures of sanitary security: all members are required to use personal protective equipment and to comply with social distance.