Pharmaceutical factories of Moscow in a timely manner, completed testing and implemented the system of drug labeling that became mandatory. This was reported by Deputy Moscow Mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

Marking necessary for the transfer of data (entry of drugs into circulation, they move from manufacturer to supplier and then to the pharmacy, the temporary withdrawal from circulation and other operations).

“Innovations will allow patients to track the origin of a medicinal product and be confident in its quality. Manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy chains will be able to optimize the procurement process, a healthcare organization is to improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical provision of the population”, — said the head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow, Alexander Prokhorov.

According to him, Moscow pharmaceutical plants meet all the requirements of modern and high-quality production of drugs, and why most of them began preparations for the implementation of the new system

thus, the international pharmaceutical company “Servier” in time completed a series of testing procedures and system validation traceability of the movement of drugs. Since the launch of Moscow, the plant has produced more than a million marked packages, most of which are drugs for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Moscow endocrine plant started implementation of mandatory labelling in September 2019.