The Moscow Innovation Agency became the winner of the All-Russian award “The Best social and ESG projects in Russia”. The project “Place of growth — AIM” was recognized as the winner in the nomination “Best corporate practices of ESG”.

The agency is the Institute of Innovative Development of the capital. Its main task is to unite the city, big business and technology companies to jointly solve the tasks of creating, testing and implementing innovative solutions.

The project “Place of Growth — AIM” was created for young professionals who want to build a career in the public sector. Mentors teach its participants to work with technology companies and startups on urban cases. Those who have completed an internship can get a job in the agency itself, in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow, as well as in related organizations.

Mentoring practice has become an integral part of the work of the Moscow Innovation Agency. Since 2018, more than 300 people have been trained here, more than a quarter of them have continued working in the organization.

The annual award “The Best ESG Projects of Russia” is a continuation of the program “The Best Social Projects of Russia”, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The abbreviation ESG stands for the principle of management based on ecology (environmental), social policy (social) and corporate governance (governance).