Clouds over Moscow dispersed to the Victory Day on may 9 to ensure the safety of aviation, but not for walking citizens. This was reported by TASS on Thursday, the head of the main oversight Directorate of the capital Yevgeny Danchikov.

"For our dear veterans will be organized for the passage of air may 9. We all can see on TV or from the Windows of houses where possible. It is necessary to disperse the clouds, if the weather is unfavorable, but the prognosis is. But above all, a clear sky is necessary for the passage of groups of aircraft is the main condition of security of air travel. That is may 9, the dispersal of clouds will be implemented, but this does not mean that citizens have to go out and to violate the travel restrictions on Moscow" – Danchikov said.

He explained that the dispersal of clouds traditionally used on may 9 to ensure the safety of aircraft flight: as a group of flying aircraft, they must have good visibility of each other. Also the clear sky allows high-quality video of the aerial part of the Victory Parade.

Danchikov said that the contract for the dispersal of clouds in Moscow traditionally is to several events for the entire year. The amount of the contract in 2020, 452 million rubles can only revise if the occasion or event that requires cloudless weather, is repealed. The air show is scheduled for may 9, but without a visit to the townspeople’s viewpoints – will be broadcast on television.

The head of the main oversight Directorate stressed that all recreational and viewing platform in the capital are closed, they installed a video camera and will be enhanced patrolling. "violators of the regime of self-isolation will be brought to administrative responsibility", – concluded Danchikov.

About the situation

The mayor of Moscow from March 29 introduced for residents of the capital mode of self-isolation. In the city no shops except for the grocery goods and products for animals; closed theaters, restaurants, cafes, fitness centers, beauty salons; prohibited from attending parks and entertainment. For violation of the isolation of authorities of the capital have introduced civil penalties for up to 5 thousand rubles.

In addition, in Russia there are Federal penalties: for individuals they can reach up to 40 thousand rubles for violation of the regime of self-isolation. In the event of death of other people, and also for legal persons the penalties are much higher – may reach 1 million rubles. Provided and criminal prosecution.

Prez��dent Vladimir Putin announced on 16 April on the transfer of all mass public events planned in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, including the parade on red square. He noted that the procession "Turkish stream" and the parade will be held this year at a later date. On 28 April, the President announced that may 9 will be held on aviation parade and will give the fireworks in the cities.

Previously the site of public procurement reported that the Moscow city special Department for examination, repair, and maintenance of objects of road economy contracted for 451,83 million roubles for dispersal of clouds in the holidays this year: may 1, Victory Day, Russia Day and city Day. The contract signed with ANO "Agency of atmospheric technologies". The contractor will be required to use the aircraft for "impact on cloud formation," the weather during the holidays was Sunny and no precipitation.