MOSCOW, may 11 — RIA Novosti. In Moscow the operational headquarters on the situation with coronavirus explained the effect of quarantine measures after may 12, will return to the Metropolitan industrial enterprises and construction sites.

In the sit room said that the easing of restrictions does not alter the mode of self-isolation, which in Moscow will continue until the end of the month. Moreover, in connection with the opening of construction sites and industrial facilities on may 12, the city will become mandatory wearing of masks and gloves. Muscovites have to use means of individual protection in drugstores, shops, public transport, taxi, and other common areas. Until may 31 will be closed most of the organizations, cultural institutions, parks, car sharing is paused.

As noted in the Telegram channel staff on economic issues, every day in Moscow detected more than five thousand new cases COVID-19, however, such figures are explained by the increase in the volume of testing. Among the new cases, many of those who carries the virus have mild or no symptoms, the report said.

“However, the number of seriously ill patients who require hospitalization, Moscow remains at the same level for two weeks. Some days discharged more patients than hospitalitynet”, — emphasized in the sit room.

Authorities have noticed that the first to work back construction and industry — industries that do not provide services to private clients.

Employers will provide all employees with masks and antiseptics, equipped partitions and will conduct random testing for coronavirus. All this will help to prevent the further growth of disease.

In the operational headquarters recalled that the easing of restrictions does not apply to people over 65, patients with chronic diseases and pregnant women. They will continue to work remotely.

Some citizens were surprised by such figures, told in the sit room.

“If you think that in Moscow there are only offices is nothing more than a stereotype. Before, indeed, most people worked in large factories, not in services or trade. But now in the city, producing everything from space engines and nuclear reactors to boats and clothes”, — says the publication.

In the sit room said that the weakening of quarantine measures should be gradual, as a one-time removal of restrictions can lead to new outbreaks COVID-19.

Pandemic COVID-19 spread in almost all countries of the world. According to the world health organization, infected more than four million people, more than 278 thousand died.

In Russia the total number of infected reached 221 344 people 2009 patients died, discharged 39 801 human��. Conducted more than 5.6 million tests.

In most regions of the country there is a regime of universal isolation, Moscow has the system throughput. The authorities urge citizens not to leave home without extreme necessity, not to forget about the rules of hygiene, on the street to observe social distance.

In Moscow, may 12, will resume construction and industrial enterprises, and also begins to act mask and glove mode. Residents are required to wear personal protective equipment in public areas, transportation and at work. The fine for appearing without means of protection in transport will amount to five thousand roubles, in a public place or four thousand.