Moscow authorities have warned about large traffic jams on Friday

Announced by Vladimir Putin, opening hours, week of 30 April in the coming weekend can lead to traffic jams because of the large number of traveling from Moscow. The Metropolitan gave recommendations when it is better to leave the city.

the Center of traffic organization (TMS) announced that on Friday March 27 in Moscow are expected to “summer jams” are almost the same extent as before the may holidays.

the major congestion are expected on the outbound and ring roads. Experts recommend traveling outside the city to leave it until 15:00 or after 20:00-21:00. If this time period is missed, in the TMS suggest to postpone the departure on Saturday morning.

C 28 March to 5 April, Russia declared a non-working week because of the coronavirus. While the city authorities in this period did not plan to cancel fees for Parking and bus transfer lanes in the mode of “day off”.

earlier it was reported that the special operation mode will move and the traffic police.

Text: Avtovesti