Mosaic for the Main temple of the Armed forces, which planned to portray Putin and Shoigu, the Russian military and political figures, replaced by a panel with a different pattern. As told to us by experts close to the art Council building, looking into a few options out of the situation.

As we wrote yesterday, after disapproving of Putin’s comment about his appearance on a multi-mosaic of the “Crimean spring” from her, it was decided to refuse. Sources “MK” at the arts Council on the design of the temple reported: the fate of the rejected the mosaic is not yet completely solved. It is believed that it can be saved as an original work of art and used in the design of other cultural objects.

do Not exclude that on the basis of the old panels can be created a little different with this story. Namely, the characters of the “Crimean spring” will remain in their places, but real characters will be replaced by a collective image of the clergy and ordinary people.

whether to use when creating a new mosaic developments on the old, depends on teams of craftsmen – said the source of “MK”.

however, informed the Chairman of the arts Council for the construction of the Main temple of the Russian Armed forces, Archpriest Leonid Kalinin, told the media: instead of “panels with Putin” will depict the story of the procession with the Korsun mother of God icon, which was held in Crimea in spring 2014.

by the Way, one of our interlocutors said: presumably the creators of the mosaic with Putin could be inspired by a mosaic image of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian from the Basilica of San Vitale. On the mosaic of the VI century, the Emperor is depicted, accompanied by soldiers and suites, including two chief captains – the generals Belisarius and Narses. This mosaic image was created during the lifetime of Justinian.