Morozov from a curve mirror was barely saved by the doctors

Alexander Morozov, humorist-showman of “a curve mirror” for many years belonged to their own health care.

With the growth of 164 cm, he weighed 135 pounds, and suffered from alcohol and drug dependency. He told about it on air of TV program “You won’t believe” on NTV.

According to him, to take for themselves he helped his friend Yevgeny Petrosyan. Thanks to him and to his mother Morozov was able to cope with addictions.

According to Alexander, before he could drink, for example, beer is a liter. Now it is limited to “one jar”.

And with illegal substances in his time got caught by mom. Of course, there was a scandal, but in the end mom and common sense won, and the drugs are gone from the life of the artist.

But to lose a tremendous weight showman did not succeed. He even installed the ring on the stomach. Perhaps this contributed to the fact that Morozov opened ulcer.

He lost consciousness in his apartment, and in that moment, I was home alone at the end of March.

When he eventually got to the hospital, it turned out that he was on the verge of death.

“the Doctors said I was lucky — could have died from blood loss. And he added: if I need to snack. And I have also opened the plague”, – quotes the words of humorist Express Newspaper.

Ironically, saved artist, a doctor by the name Petrosyan.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the artist is not particularly fond of social networks. “Community-I’m trying to get rid of because I got into Facebook, I clicked a lot of buttons and it turned out that I’m all signed up,” he says.

Publish from Alexander Morozov (@morozov_artist) 26 Mar 2020 at 9:47 PDT