The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, Valeriy Zalushnyi, is calling for tougher penalties for deserters. These would risk high losses in their own ranks, it is said. Meanwhile, President Selenskyj assumes that 100,000 Russian soldiers will soon have died in the Ukraine war.

POW reveals insanely high Wagner mercenary casualties

Ukrainian Vladimir Nikolaevich Saychuk was forced to fight for the Russian army. Now he has been taken prisoner in the Ukraine and in an interview with the Ukrainian YouTuber Volodymyr Zoldin he spoke about the losses suffered by the notorious Wagner mercenary group.

Saychuk was first taken to Krasnodar in Russia on November 3. From there he was posted to the Luhansk region. There was no medical examination and no military training before. Saychuk was given the task of recovering bodies in the Bakhmut region. According to him, he worked there for 10 days. He found the human remains of 55 fighters in an area of ​​just 30 meters.

“Most of the dead were older Wagner fighters,” says Saychuk. Many of them wore red and/or white bracelets – a sign of HIV or hepatitis. The ratio of killed to wounded there would have been 3 to 1. Normally the ratio in wars is 1 to 3.

Saychuk was captured on December 3 while he was recovering more bodies near the front line.

Ukrainian supreme commander wants tougher penalties for deserters

The Ukrainian commander-in-chief, Valeriy Zalushnyi, is demanding that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tighten the law on deserters. So far, only fines or suspended sentences have been provided for. That’s not enough, says Saluschnyj.

Soldiers who abandon their unit or sector or who do not follow combat orders would result in the loss of personnel, territory and even civilians, the commander-in-chief said. “The front positions then have to be filled by other soldiers. Lost territory has to be reconquered at high cost.”

Zalushny made concrete suggestions to Zelensky for punishment. These would reflect the views of the commanders and provide the necessary discipline in the force. It is unclear exactly what sanctions are involved.

Zelenskyy: Russia will soon lose 100,000 soldiers in Ukraine

According to estimates by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Russia has already lost 99,000 soldiers in the 300 days since the war began. In just a few days, the number of occupiers killed could increase to 100,000. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin is demanding more action from his country’s security forces, especially to protect the citizens of the “new territories”, as he calls the areas of Ukraine annexed by Moscow in violation of international law.

“So far there are almost 99,000 soldiers, in a few days the losses of the occupiers will increase to 100,000,” Zelenskyj said in his video address on Monday evening. It means dead soldiers. “And for what? No one in Moscow has the answer to that and will not (in the future) have it.”

Those responsible in Moscow were waging war and “wasting human lives – the lives of other people, not that of their loved ones, not their own lives, but that of others,” said Zelenskyy. “And that’s only because a group in the Kremlin doesn’t know how to admit mistakes and is terribly afraid of reality.” But the reality speaks for itself.

For security reasons, both sides are not providing precise information on the losses of the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces. However, Western military officials recently put the number of Russian soldiers killed and wounded at well over 100,000. Zelenskyy’s adviser Mykhailo Podoliak recently put the number of Ukrainian casualties at 13,000.

Putin calls for more deployment of Russian security forces

Putin called on his country’s security forces to do more in all areas. “Today we have a dynamically changing situation in the world, new risks and threats bring increased demands on Russia’s entire security system,” he said in a video speech on Tuesday night (local time). The reason for the speech was the so-called Day of the Security Forces of Russia.

One of the most important tasks of the security forces is to protect the citizens of the “new regions” of Russia. This meant the parts of Ukraine annexed by Moscow in violation of international law. In fact, the situation in the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions is difficult, Putin stressed. “But the people living there, all Russian citizens, hope for their protection.” In order to protect the security, rights and freedoms of these people, Russia will “equip new units with the latest technology and weapons, as well as with experienced personnel”. Russia has occupied large parts of these areas and is now trying to defend them against Ukrainian counterattacks.

Putin also called on the security forces to take more vigorous and decisive action against the activities of foreign intelligence services. “The actions of foreign secret services must be suppressed immediately,” said the Kremlin chief. Traitors, saboteurs and spies must be caught.

Klitschko: Power supply in Kyiv greatly reduced

The latest Russian drone attack on the capital’s infrastructure has again severely affected the power supply in Kyiv. As Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Monday evening in Kyiv, the electricity deficit has now increased to 50 percent.

The repair work on the damaged lines and electrical stations continued. In addition to electricity, the residents of Kyiv and the surrounding area are increasingly having to do without the Internet. In this area, too, access has fallen to almost 50 percent as a result of the latest Russian attack, network observer Netblocks said in the evening.

Ukraine attacks Russian positions – helicopter shot down

In the course of new heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian units shelled Russian positions on Monday. Two Russian command posts and Russian soldiers were hit, the General Staff in Kyiv announced on Monday evening. In addition, two Russian helicopters were shot down. The locations of the events were not mentioned.

The information could not be independently verified. A man was killed in a Russian artillery raid on the city of Cherson in southern Ukraine, which was liberated a few weeks ago, according to the Unian state agency. Several administrative buildings were hit in the attack.

What will be important on Tuesday

Fighting in eastern Ukraine continues. After the latest Russian rocket attacks, the authorities in Kyiv are still struggling to supply citizens with heat and electricity.

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