Morning Ibrahim begins at dawn. Out of habit, he wakes up himself, not by the alarm clock. Goes into the coop to embrace their feathered Pets, feed them and collect eggs.

– the First thing to feed and water the chickens. For Breakfast they only had natural food. They are happy to eat not only grain and forage, but also vegetables, fruits, greens, bread. Then I release them to walk in the yard eating grass in the sun, get enough of vitamin D. once I was advised to increase egg production, add in food chemistry. But I categorically against. The eggs on my farm only natural and environmentally friendly! – seriously says the young entrepreneur.

Now at the makhachkalinskaya farm “Good Ko-Ko” 150 chickens. Every day, Ibrahim collects more than hundreds of eggs, which is a queue. Buyers of their goods, the boy searches through the social network. On his page in Instagram @dobraya_koko, where he enjoyed regularly talks about his trade, for nearly fifteen hundred subscribers.

for three years the boy had been saving money. For the holidays he asked relatives not to buy him toys and things, and give money. Thus he had amassed 75 thousand rubles.

– Believe me, the idea was not spontaneous. I seriously studied the question of hens, choice of breeds, development of the coop. And at the time of purchase of the first batch of Chicks already understood a lot.

Breed, Lohmann brown was not chosen by chance. This is one of aicinosa rocks.

Before purchasing the first batch of chickens, the family built a small chicken coop with the easy way. The feeder made of sewer pipes, which is convenient to pour water and to pour the grain. Get a big stock – the birds always have food and fresh water that is changed daily.

the First batch of chickens arrived in late April on her purchase took 13 500 rubles. It was decided to take the grown so there was less risk of losses and most have started laying. So in the coop settled first is the 3.5-month-old chickens. But after a month and a half Ibrahim found in the coop the first three eggs.

– It was a veritable feast! – happy boy. – We do not even have them right there, put to enjoy. And then every day more and more eggs.

With keeping pages in social networks brother helps 16-year-old sister Amina, she became his Manager. Soon the demand began to exceed supply. And it was decided to expand the farm. So into the coop arrived a hundred young chickens.

In a month, we collected about three thousand eggs. We do eat them with pleasure – a day with about a dozen leaves for cooking. Scrambled eggs, omelettes, pancakes, pastries… of Course, our eggs do not compare to store-bought – joins the conversation Amina.

Their products Ibrahim packs in the trays three de��ATCA. Every purchase is attached a logo farm “Good Ko-Ko”, the boy developed himself. Though he offered to make the labels on the sketch and print out, he refuses – each logo draws personally.

the Cost of one egg nine rubles. A dozen or 90, the tray 270. Price shopping – a third cheaper. But buyers in the natural products is always there. Income per month is more than 20 thousand rubles. Of course, this is not a net profit.

– a week takes about a bag of grain for 550 rubles. Plus in the course are useful for chickens leftover food from the cafe, which is owned by the Pope, there already know and collect what you can for my birds. And, of course, the money spent on the improvement of the house.

Ibrahim said: while not spending a dime, all lays. Of plans the boy is enormous: “I Want to expand the farm. We have a plot of land outside the city. There you can build a big farm on two thousand cows. Of course, I can’t help myself with this economy. Will hire employees, pay them a salary. I already figured out – this has to work!”

Ibrahim in its nine years, says adult. He moved in third grade. In all subjects manages perfectly well and is the best student in the class. But their future, he decided to associate with poultry.

I just love chickens. Happy with them every day time. In the “chicken” business young entrepreneur is constantly improving. Instead of trying to drive the ball with friends, he can stay at home to get an answer to his question.

– Now I’m learning how to distinguish females from males, when they are still very small and the differences are not visible. One way is to take the chicken by the legs. Chicken would to break out and strive to reach it with the beak to hands. And males behave much better. Well, the time will come check it out.