you will find that you earn too little? Then you’re like 56% of the working population in Switzerland. They are of the view that their wage is too low, as measured by their performance and their Position (EYES reported). Who no longer wants to be unhappy, should prove to negotiation skills.

The right time for your wage claim

More reward there is at the simplest case of a job change. A study of the personnel service Robert shows Helped. About a third of the respondents for the last time earned more than internally or externally, the location was changed.

but Who is his body satisfied, should appeal to the wage issue in the discussions with the employees. Jörg Scholten (44), a Director at the consulting firm Kienbaum advises employees that have completed a successful project or a large contract purely brought in to make a note of this and in the discussions with the employees indicate.


Before you make a wage claim, employees must know what they are worth. A help, to find out, are salary calculators and industry wages in the Internet. This will show how much is in it, with which qualifications and experience. Also wages of colleagues can provide clues. To argue in conversation, but for Hays salary expert, Frank Schabel (59) a taboo: “comparisons are very negative. I would never say: “My colleague earns more, I want more”.”

it is Important to look for concrete arguments to list to one’s own performance. Salary and performance are always together, says Schabel. “Who takes on new tasks or, specifically, can show what he has for his company is done, can ask for more pay.” The expert closes Scholten. “It helps to have a concrete list, tasks and responsibility to write.” No boss will pay more salary for the same work.

The right conversation

“employees should be open, but also self-conscious to speak about their wage claim,” advises Gery Bruederlin (62), a Professor at the Institute for personnel management and Organisation of the University of applied Sciences North-Western Switzerland.

Cautiously get to the point, recommends Jörg Scholten. “The Golden rule is to talk about career options.” What has already been achieved and what could be the next steps. “When positive Feedback comes, then this is the opportunity, provided for a wage claim”, the expert explains the procedure. Anyone who is unsure to the practice beforehand. to avoid

“Clumsy claims in the Form of a number and an arrogant attitude are inappropriate,” are Bruederlin says. Be careful with ultimatums. “With the “threat” to want to change employers, should treat workers decently,” advises Frank Schabel. This is the last card you should play only if there were actually such an offer. A No-Go Scholten is such a “blackmail” for Jörg.

The correct salary requirement

wage demands must be realistic, says Schabel. “Anyone who demands an outrageous much of a burden on the employment relationship.” But what is appropriate? A note to give industry wages. “In the case of outstanding performance, ten per cent, in special cases, more in it,” says the expert. In normal cases, about half is a good guideline.

If no wage increase is in there, then employees can get may benefits something out of it. Particularly good opportunities to the experts in the training, because of which both sides benefited.

The the reader to say, increases in wage