A previous version of this case innheldt an interview, where the premise for the interview turned out to be wrong. The suit is therefore changed after publication.

Eline Bjørkan is psykologistudent, but working part-time as hotellresepsjonist. For three weeks ago was she laid off from work, and lost therefore over half of the income say.

For most of the students covers the scholarship is only rent. There is a reason that most of the students are working extra, says Bjørkan.

If she could not get work to come can she be compelled to take up additional loans to pay husleiga and other fixed expenses. A situation many other students are in. Only a third of the loan will be made to the scholarship.

It’s about to lose one income one is depending on. The scheme was not good as she is now, ” says Bjørkan, which means that huseigarane should be to lower the hire.

Want to see new groups that struggle with the hire

Anne-Rita Andal in Leieboerforeningen, says there are several persons who have made contact in recent weeks, because they are afraid.

– Especially in Oslo, where there are many families who live below the fattigdomsgrensa and many independent næringsdrivande, there is a high degree of concern, ” says Andal.

They think we will see many new groups that will struggle on leigemarknaden forward, in addition to those that are already vanskelegstilte, poor barnefamiliar and aleineforsørgarar.

Students are an obvious group, but also those who are outside the labour market, and those that are about to change job, and those who have lost a large quantity of the total gross revenues, says Andal.

– Must be set into action in the early

Leieboerforeningen think that the government must set down maksprisen on husleiga, and temporarily freeze it, to avoid that it increases during the state of emergency. In addition, encourage them utleigarar that has the possibility for it to participate in the dugnaden.

Leieboerforeningen require that the state takes in use the Norwegian state housing bank to help vanskelegstilte on leigemarknaden, among other things, to ease the pressure on the Nav.

REQUIRE ACTION IMMEDIATELY: Anne-Rita Andal in Leieboerforeningen says many will take the contact that is afraid that they will not get paid husleiga.

Photo: Kirsten Randers-Pehrson / Leieboerforeningen

– It will do that several may apply to bustøtte in this period. One of the reasons that we are in a difficult situation is the high buutgiftene in the country. Therefore, it is a little strange to not make use of the state’s most important bustadøkonomiske tools, switch Andal fast.

She also draws out the challenges linked to the opphøyr and join (or leave). There are always groups who are moving, either volunteer or not. According to Andal has these groups it extra difficult now.

There are many who are afraid, because the consequence is dispensing.

According to the Andal, we see no effects of a leigesektor that have been neglected since the åttitalet. She fryktar it will affect them vanskelegstilte if you do not interfere and regulates the.

– If this crisis gets as major economic consequences, as a believe, it will lead to an extra pressure on the leigemarknaden, and to an increase in the differences between winners and in the community, ” says Andal.


Heidi Neck, the secretary of state in kommunaldepartementet, shows that they are working with measures to help them toil on leigemarknaden.

– We see that many lose his income, and that many will struggle to pay rekningane, especially for leigebuarar, ” says Neck.

How time this initiative will be can she not verified yet.

We encourage everyone to find løysningar together. It looks that some utleigarar lempar on husleiga. There are many good examples of good people, in addition to that the government should help with the packages to hit the best possible, ” says Neck.