More than necessary Trump reported on the situation in the hospitals of new York

MOSCOW, 12 April/ Radio Sputnik. The American leader Donald trump pointed out that in the state of new York, where occurred the most severe epidemic of coronavirus, reduced the number of patients in medical institutions.

“Very good sign is that empty hospital beds are becoming more and more. We sent 418 doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists from a floating hospital and Comfort (field hospital) to the Convention center Javits in hospital (of the city) of new York state. We have more hospital beds than needed. Good!” – wrote the President of the United States on Twitter.

In new York, more than 180 thousand cases and more than 8,6 thousand people dead. In General, the US incidence exceeds 526 thousand and about 20.5 thousand dead. According to these indicators, the country is a world leader.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (exciter COVID-19) entered in 185 countries on all continents, except Antarctica. According to who, the world was at least 1.6 million cases, more than 99 thousand of them died.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported how doctors in China worked in the “red zone”.

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