about 60% of graduates of Russian universities would like to get a job where you can work remotely. This survey showed ANO “Russia — country of opportunities” and GK “EFKO”, the results of which acquainted “Izvestia”.

So, 55% of respondents said they wanted to work remotely, but with the possibility or the need to come to the office. Exclusively remote employment is considered 5% of the respondents, 40% would prefer to work only in the office.

Speaking about the profile of the organization, 25% of graduates want to work in the civil service or in the Corporation. Another 20% are interested in working for small or medium business, and 21% themselves want to become entrepreneurs. The least popular answers were startups, factories.

Experts doubt that the graduates can find jobs from remote employment. According to a member of the General Council of “Business Russia” Alim Bishenov, the current remote mode is forced due pandemic coronavirus. In addition, the quality of work performed remotely for many businessmen in question.

At the same time the commercial Director of the faculty of management of the University “synergy” Lyudmila Zheltukhin sure that remote employees are more productive, so as not to spend time on the way to the office and not get distracted by snacks with colleagues. In this regard, the expert believes that the popularity of the deleted format will continue to grow.