On the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow noted that a large selection of sports fields in the Park “Sokolniki”, where the 16 workout-complexes and five sites with functional equipment. Putovskogo near the pond on an area of over 300 square meters, visitors will find benches for the press, the complex pull-up bars, Kangaroo, bent double bars, duplex classic monkey bars and other sports equipment. Area of workout is available.

From three sites located on the estate Vorontsovo at the North street Church, Big pond side of the stele and on-site theme Park “Alice in Wonderland”. The cascades of horizontal bars for push-UPS and pull-UPS, wall bars, parallel bars of different heights and other projectiles. In addition, on the first tee every Saturday from 13.00 till 14.00 pass free the master-classes in Boxing. The closest lesson you can attend on August 15.

the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” – area. First, the gymnastics area with horizontal bars and parallel bars, is CAT N5. To engage all students. The second Playground located near entrance gate N3. It is equipped with special equipment for people of aged 60 years. Both sites are open from 06.00 to 00.00.

the workout area by the ponds “Raduga” you can not stop training even in rainy weather, as all sporting equipment there under a canopy. For a set of wheels and parallel bars and other gymnastics equipment. Also the installed sports equipment for people with special health. The workout area is located near the Italian pond.

to Learn more about the playgrounds on the official sites of city parks.

for all lovers of active recreation in the 14 parks equipped with modern and comfortable skate grounds. And for those who want to exercise outdoors in the 23 rest areas regular, free training. For example, in the Izmailovo Park you can attend aerobics classes, and the garden named after Bauman to learn the ancient Chinese qigong. Jogging clubs opened in the six rest areas. In addition, in 14 city parks for children and teenagers regularly attend free creative and educational classes.

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what other parks you can play sports:

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