More than 400 thousand students have tested their knowledge online. Of those, over 300 thousand students use the “My achievements”. And 90 thousand people took part in the online diagnosis.

“My achievements” provides students the opportunity to test your knowledge and skills at any time in any place. Available more than 100 thousand jobs and more than 1,900 works for self-diagnosis for all subjects from second to 11th grade. The service is available to students from across the country.

Diagnosis online — the new form of the introductory training, including in the format of the exam. This technology allows the remote to be tested and to obtain an objective and independent assessment of knowledge.

those Wishing to participate in the diagnostic procedure desired computer and mobile phone with a webcam, which tracks the process. Service identificeret student, analyzes his actions in the process, captures a possible violation and notify the Proctor that controls the operation of the system. Proctor has the opportunity to communicate with the participant during a session in the chat, via video, via microphone, to give the necessary instructions. If you have any technical problems it can help with their decision.

in order to test their knowledge in real-time, must register on the website of the Moscow center of education quality.