the Museums presented on the portal “Moscow Museum online.” This was reported by Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow. Users can now view exhibits devoted to the Patriotic war of 1812, the great Patriotic war, see the new online exhibition of the Museum-reserve “tsarina”, as well as works by well-known Soviet and Russian photographers.

Museum-panorama “Borodino battle” added to the online directory of 26 exhibitions. Among them, the cycle “the Year of national glory”, the collection “portrait of a hero”, the exhibition “1812. The paradoxes of victory”, “Stalingrad” and others. For example, users can examine the scene of the battle of battles, painted by artists of XIX, XX and early XXI century, an old case from the compass, the telescope, snuff box depicting Napoleon’s sister Pauline Bonaparte and other surviving items. The site also includes medals and instances of the equipment of the soldiers who took part in the battle of Stalingrad.

the State Darwin Museum has opened access to 30 virtual collections. The online exhibitions you can see paintings dedicated to animals on the fronts of the great Patriotic war, the teeth of the ancient sharks and the shells of mollusks rare species donated to the Museum by the collector Constantine Gaidenko.

Skeleton under the hood and horn of contention. The history of the five exhibits of the Darwin Museum

Their collections also shared. They included works by well-known music photographer Igor Vereshchagin participated in the filming of Sergei Bodrov, Peter Todorovsky and Garik Sukachev, the author of record covers, posters and banners groups “Splin”, “Bi-2” and other Russian rock musicians. The Museum also presented a collection of works of Soviet and Russian photographer, lecturer at the Moscow school of photography and multimedia named after A. Rodchenko, Igor Mukhin “Our 1990s. time for a change”. In the online catalogue you can now see pictures and legendary Soviet photographers made for the magazine “Ogonek”.

in Addition, on the portal “Moscow Museum”, a new virtual collection of the State Museum of Gulag history. Among them, the exhibition “Mother, write how old I am?”, personal exhibition of graphic works by Valentin Mitrofanov “I was alone, and in spite of” and others.

you can See in the catalogue of the Museum-estate. The Museum provided photographs of the Palace: art and card rooms, trellis, living room, main bedroom and other rooms. Also, users of archival documents, letters, home decor exhibition In Memoriam, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the memory of count Sergei Sheremetev, last owner of the manor Kuskovo before the revolution of 1917.

first translation From Homer to the “Pet zoo”. The five books of moskowskich museums Inside of shells twisted. How was built and decorated a “Grotto” in Sochi

New virtual exhibition also presented the Moscow literary Museum centre of K. G. Paustovsky, the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”, Moscow zoo, Moscow state art gallery of Ilya Glazunov and other exhibition halls and museums of the capital.

Only on the portal “Moscow Museum online” is presented and exhibition spaces. Among them, the fashion Museum, Museum-estate “Ostankino”, the House of Russian abroad named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the State Museum of defense of Moscow, the Central exhibition hall “Manege” and the Gallery of Ilya Glazunov. The project name chosen by Muscovites in the project “Active citizen”.

Despite the fact that all institutions are closed for visitors, the cultural life of Moscow continues online. For those who stay at home, present the city’s libraries, museums, galleries, parks and many other cultural venues. Also that the citizens are not miss the brightest event launched a special project, “Culture of Moscow online”. In one place dozens of concerts, performances, tours, lectures and light shows.

in addition, the Committee on tourism, together with the cultural sites of the city opened the project #Mosqueteros. With it, you can see permanent and temporary Museum exhibitions online.