A German woman arrives at Nuremberg airport from Mallorca. She had drugs sealed in her bra.

A 34-year-old was caught by customs officers at Nuremberg Airport with more than 20 grams of cannabis in her bra. As the main customs office announced on Wednesday, the woman had arrived from Mallorca and initially claimed that she had nothing with her that required registration.

When customs officials found a marijuana grinder in her luggage, she reportedly became nervous. She admitted to having drugs in her bra and then handed the officers a total of 22.5 grams of marijuana in two shrink-wrapped bullets. She is now being investigated. The inspection took place on April 17th.

The customs office points out that even under the new cannabis law, the import, export and transit of marijuana is prohibited – no matter how much it is.

Seven-year-old Emily has cancer. So that her last weeks can be as nice as possible, her uncle from Elsdorf (Rhein-Erft district) has started a fundraising campaign.

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