the Board has overall 11 council, among other things, recommend enough sleep and limited tv-watching during the crisis.

don’t sit too much in front of the tv to keep you up to date on the latest news. Make sure to get enough sleep. And you need to work from home, so try to do it at the same times, so you get structure in daily life.

This is some of the recommendations made in the 11 councils to the well-being and mental health during the coronaepidemien, as the Danish Health and medicines authority has come up with on Wednesday.

said Helene Probst, who is center director of the national board of Health, on Wednesday at a news conference.

She says, many danes, young as well as adults, are being affected mentally by the situation, where among other things, schools and day-care centres are closed, and a maximum of ten persons may assemble in the public space.

– We must recognize that many are anxious in this situation. Worried that they are ill, worried that their loved ones get sick, and it applies to both children and adults, she says.

the national board of Health 11 advice for the well-being and mental health is, among other things, that you as a citizen need to make sure to get enough sleep and keep his brain in time.

You also benefit from failing to follow with in the news in a while, as it can be to feed the brain and the body with worry.

the Advice applies to all who are working at home, or who have been sent home from school and institutions. The advice is also directed towards those groups who are particularly vulnerable, and are in isolation.

– A word of advice from us is that you occasionally have to drop a little for the concerns. Get the focus somewhere else, read a good book, hear some music, ” says Helene Probst.

– You should maybe not watch tv all day, but choose something that you are in. So you also get a balance in relation to get a break from it, it may be difficult for some, she says.

Helene Probst points out that, for example, those with chronic illnesses may find it difficult to meet up at the hospital and get a blood test, if they get scared.

– For some people, the situation we are in, trigger worries, which makes you get anxiety for getting sick, she says.