in Particular, the Ticino, the Valais and the Grisons were targets in the last few years begehrtere holidays, such as the TCS shows in his on Monday published travel barometer. In this year’s Barometer is swinging as favorite destinations obenaus and were able to make up for it in the past few years, steadily to the ground.

The heat of summer combined with the beautiful weather in Switzerland is likely to have contributed to the fact that people were traveling less and less in the distance, and make more summer vacation in the homeland, writes of the TCS.

wall is the time. When the sun is shining, it’s time to lace up the Hiking boots. VIEW shows where your feet could be you this year to wear. These are the most beautiful Hiking trails in Switzerland!


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The most popular foreign travel destination is Italy, followed by Spain and Portugal, the increase in the popularity scale.

decreases While the fear of Terror, to influence political events, such as the “yellow West”-protests in France or the tense situation in South Africa conduct the trip. France and South Africa have, accordingly, lost on the popularity scale.

As the least attractive destinations are regarded in the Islamic regions of Egypt, Arab Emirates and Turkey. These countries have lost in spite of a higher sense of security and reduced fear of terrorism more attractive as travel destinations.

Found in the last two years, around 35 percent of the respondents indicated that the travel was in the last 12 months, safer or a little safer, 2019 by as much as 46 percent.

the Internet solves travel agencies

When planning to travel an increasingly important role the Internet plays. During 2018, 71 percent of the respondents felt that Online travel information and safety instructions important this year to 78 percent.

The Internet has become an important source for travel planning. So 60 percent of the almost, you would plan your trip as a result of comments and ratings on Online booking platforms.

The research Institute gfs.bern raised the data on behalf of the Touring club of Switzerland (TCS) of 21. January to 11. February. The Institute conducted telephone interviews with 1000 in Switzerland, resident adult. In addition, 1371 randomly selected TCS members were surveyed about online. The sampling error for the population is 3.2 per cent and 2.7 per cent for TCS members.


First Hiking, then swimming In one of our Alps, numerous mountain lakes, the promise of cooling hide. When you Immerse yourself, you realize often: you’re not as cold as they seem.


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