The stork brings the children, prove the statistics. In regions where there are more storks, the birth rate is higher. The Figures are correct, but this context, of course, is nonsense. In the Web a series of such funny spurious correlations can be found, for example, that the number of films in which Nicolas Cage plays covers with the number of people who fall into swimming pools and drowning.

The example of Switzerland acknowledges, but finally with the fairy-tale, the stork is for the delivery of the babies: While the birth rate in Switzerland has fallen since the 1960s up to the turn of the Millennium, is the Rise in the number of brooding storks in the. The Foundation stone was placed by the reintroduction project of the stork-father, Max Further. After the white stork in 1950, was considered in Switzerland to be extinct, the bird Observatory, meanwhile, again about 250 breeding pairs.

In the mountains

last week lost, I had a miraculous Storchen experience. The skiing in Mürren, BE, I looked in the Morning out of the window and couldn’t believe my eyes: A white stork sat on the Mast of a chairlift (look told). Apparently, it was a bird that had not made the trip to the South. Probably went master Adebar in search of food, because the resources of the country was covered by snow and in the mountains strayed.

This is not a puller, go back often to the resettlement project, apparently, more and more storks but are afraid of the long journey to Africa. Either you spend the Winter on garbage dumps in southern Spain – or they stay the same in the North.

Who still believes in the stork?

unlike some of the singing birds, the migratory behaviour is not inherited genetically – storks seem to learn from their parents. This allows you to adapt easier to new circumstances as a result of climate change. Species that get included in the roadmap for their journey to the South in the genes, show less adaptable.

A stork in Mürren, so it can be a sign of climate change. A Spurious Correlation? Probably only for FIS President Gian Franco Kasper. But anyone who denies climate change, you may just feel good to the stork.

Simon Jäggi (38) is a boy singer of the rock band the sorrow, works at the natural history Museum of Bern and keeps chickens. Scientific Council: Dr. Manuel Swiss. Jäggi writes every second Friday.