The close integration contracts in Flanders is increasing. That’s according to figures which the Flemish member of parliament, Maaike De Vreese (N-VA) opvroeg at the competent minister Bart Somers (Open Vld). She hopes that in the future, up to the so-called ‘owner’ inburgeraars can be accomplished.

The Flemish government and offers a inburgeringstraject, which inburgeraars ‘should help you in order to have the necessary knowledge and skills”. The content of this section is to be included in an integration contract. Some groups, such as foreigners, that is, for the first time, a residence permit of more than three months are required for such a process to be followed. Those who are not in the target group of the civic integration act, and belongs to be entitled to a inburgeringstraject.

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in Accordance with its terms, in 2019, as a 22.970 people with an integration contract, compared with 21.582 by 2018, and 21.771 in 2017. During the past year, in order to 9.490 required inburgeraars and 13.476 owner inburgeraars (and the 4 people in the category of ‘undetermined’). A large majority of which came from outside of the european union (18.093), with the largest groups are Moroccans and Afghans. A total of 4.581 residents of the european union door locks a voluntary integration contract down. The number of persons who are, at the end of the inburgeringstraject and a certificate obtained, however, continued to be stable: 16.275 2019, 16.388, in 2018, 16.986, in 2017.

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