for 25 years, she was at the Swiss television. 2018 you received by phone of the termination. Now Monika Fasnacht (54) returns to TV and makes with, a competitor of SRF a new shipment.

The legendary presenter is part of the new cooking season of “The celebrity Griller” of the satellite.1 Switzerland. “It’s Fun, as a guest on a broadcast to participate,” said Fasnacht. The consignment have seen and known so far only from hear say, she admits. “Then, I visited some of the consequences afterwards, and I said the Format immediately because it is funny and entertaining.”

homemade Pizza is top

The former Jasserin of the Nation’s private, a passionate cook. “According to my husband, Reto my homemade Pizza, solitary peak.” Similarly, the left behind Chaos and then in the kitchen, she adds, laughing. For the clean-up was, respectively, Reto responsible.

sports in

your old shipments, such as “Samschtig-Jass” miss you still, gives carnival. “I have not been stopped voluntarily.” In front of the TV, you only rarely. “Sport is high in the course.” You are interested in, but also for animal shipments.

But what is simple, good cards or a good cook? “I’ll take the 50:50 Joker,” says Fasnacht. “When you cook it depends on the circumstances, the cards on the cards.”