The Ex-Jass-Queen of the SRF mixes the cards! But not for the Swiss TV – Monika Fasnacht (55) celebrates with the “Top-Jass” to her TV Comeback with Tele Top and could not be happier. “Finally, I can wear it again on responsibility and make decisions,” she says.

two years after the SRF From, you’ll be addressed daily. “The spectators miss me”, she says to LOOK. “Several times a week I still get Jassfragen, the answer to the SRF for two years, no one will or wants to.”

for 25 years, the SRF Carnival employer was. “I am very grateful. However, my departure was absolutely unworthy.” A return to the Swiss television was at its currently not an issue.

support gets Monika Fasnacht of referee Dani Müller (57). Around 150 “Donnschtig-Jass”broadcasts have disputed the two. Together with him they have developed the concept of “Top-Jass”. In contrast to the SRF, the roads would be a lot easier, so the Jass expert. And cheaper. The complete decoration in the Studio has Carnival made man Reto May. “A shipment we professionally produce and at a fraction in comparison to the SRF,” says Fasnacht.

New shipment of sponsors

The SRF finances the costs for a Quiz and Game broadcasting amounts to an average of 77 000 Swiss francs – “the winning totals of the candidates, including” is it SRF. For “Top-Jass” will be generated, no concession money. Everything will be financed by sponsors, explained carnival. She is sure that there will be enough viewers for their new show. “People will always find the transmitter, what you want to see.”

Monika Fasnacht four-legged friend Filou will be for the time being – besides the players – the only guest in the Studio. For him, there is again a place. “We’ll start small, but Top”, so the Jass-Queen, laughing. (paf)

“Top -Jass”, from 16. September from 18:30 and repeated every hour on Tele Top.