The british prince Charles is found to be contaminated with covid-19. But how was he infected?

Since the on Wednesday it was announced that the british emblem is sick, has several speculated just that. And in the midst of all the speculation is one name cropped up again and again: Prince Albert.

Monaco’s prince was the first royal, who tested positive for the virus. Something that was reported out from the small principality of 19. march.

Ten days earlier had prince Albert participated at the event, WaterAid Foundation, which is also where prince Charles was. Here sat the two opposite each other at a long table. And it is precisely what has got the british newspapers to point to Monaco’s prince as the source of infection.

Even he rejects, however, that he should have had something with prince Charles’ illness to make. It happens in an interview with RTL Radio.

“We greeted each other from a distance and sat in each our side of the table,” he says, among other things.

He further elaborates that in addition there were numerous other guests present at the event, and then he notes that prince Charles has been present at several other events since.

“We nodded to each other, so I don’t think I can be accused of having infected him.”

In the interview tells the prince Albert, moreover, that he is improving, and that he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In England, the prince isolated himself in his residence in Scotland, while he is sick.

According to the british royal family, he experiences only mild symptoms, and he has also good health.

His wife, duchess Camilla, has also been tested for the virus, but this test was negative.