Moldova, where in June last year, the opposition overthrew the regime of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, was again in the verge of leadership change. This time trouble arose from the Pro-Russian leader Igor Dodon, whose re-election hopes this fall the Kremlin. The Moldovan President a year ago, he was among those who changed the power in the country. How did it happen that now Igor Dodon threaten those with whom he had played against Mr. Plahotniuc, found out the special correspondent of “Kommersant” Vladimir Solovyov.Pandemic coronavirus have not paused the Moldovan politics. The degree of opposition rose sharply, and may unexpectedly affect the scheduled autumn elections. Re-election in their counts supported by Moscow Igor Dodon. But recently in Chisinau events occur that indicate serious problems which it may face in the near future. And geopolitics plays in the tough struggle for power role.Opponents of Mr. Dodon, denoting its foreign policy orientation as a Pro-European, openly say: the current President as soon as possible to deprive of power. “We know we have to rid the country of Dodona, which is totally controlled by the Kremlin”,— said on may 12 the leader of the Pro-Western party “Action and solidarity” Maia Sandu in interview to the Ukrainian edition “Gordon”. She warned the leadership of the neighboring Moldova Ukraine: “Follow the Kremlin’s attempts to use the Dodon for the scenario of federalization of Moldova. Why is it necessary? Including to present the Moldovan case as a successful scenario for the occupied territories of Ukraine”.To Maia Sandu imminent and serious trouble to the Moldovan President has promised another right politician — member of Parliament Andrian CANDU. It is, in fact, promised the publication of compromising the head of state. “We will make sure that you won’t even get on the presidential election. Because everything connected with the interests, including financial, business, schemes that surround you, will soon come out, and all you know about them. So sit on the chair, you behave yourself, as the front will be a very interesting time, full of surprises,” said Mr. Obama in a video message posted to Facebook.CANDU is known that part of the inner circle of Vladimir Plahotniuc, who alone rules the Republic of Moldova in 2015. The oligarch was the leader of the ruling democratic party, but never held any public positions: he concentrated in his hands all the power by appointing to key posts, including in the security forces, loyal people. Loyalty was ensured in several ways — the presence of dirt, regular financial support, or both. The absolute power of Vladimir Plahotniuc finish��elk June 14, 2019, when he had to flee to the United States, where he now resides.The power of Mr. Plahotniuc year ago fell due to the fact that Igor Dodon and his Party of socialists have agreed to establish an anti-oligarchic Alliance with the Pro-Western bloc Acum (Now educated by the party “Action and solidarity” and “Platform “the Dignity and truth””). West saw that his regime is rapidly morphing into a dangerous and criminal dictatorship. In Russia by the time the tycoon was prosecuted. Now he is accused of supplying cannabis, illegal withdrawal of money and even in the organization of assassinations. There were political claims: the oligarch was openly hostile to Moscow and opposed her in every way, demonstrating to the West their indispensability.After the flight of Vladimir Plahotniuc, the socialists Igor Dodon, “Action and solidarity” Maia Sandu and “Platform “the Dignity and truth”” by Andrei Nastase together appointed a new government headed by Mrs. Sandu. The Alliance lasted from June until October, and then broke up: Igor Dodon and Sandu are unable to agree on who will head the state office of public Prosecutor. The outcome of the conflict was initiated by Mr. Dodon and the Party of socialists, the resignation of the Prime Minister Sandu and her office. It would not be possible if along with the socialists voted by the deputies from the Democratic party, Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu recently fought together. So in the Moldovan Parliament there is a coalition of the socialists and Democrats, who after the flight of their leader, Vladimir Plahotniuc retained their parliamentary seats. This Alliance has appointed its own government, headed by Prime Minister Ion chicu.In the faction of the democratic party, while there are those who have kept in touch with the fugitive oligarch. The most loyal policies, making sure that allegations of usurpation of power and the capture of state institutions, was put forward to address their leader, and left the state and turned into criminal cases, started their political game. For example, the author of the October vote of confidence in the Cabinet of Mrs. Sandu was the CANDU, is now threatening already to Igor Dodon. In February, Mr. Obama and five of his associates came from the faction of the democratic party, forming a group of Pro Moldova (“the Moldovan”).Mr. Kanda declared that the purpose of the Pro Moldova — establishment of an anti-government bloc and the opposition to President Dodon. And on may 8 the fraction of Democrats came four others, declared that the designated CANDU goals they share. Then to the anti-government bloc was joined and the party “shore”.As a result of short dashes of the parliamentary majority, created in the Parliament socialists and Democrats, shrunken to 54 people. The interlocutors “Kommersant” within the Alliance do not rule out that Exodus can continue. If this is confirmed and defectors will find a common language with lots of “Action and solidarity” and “Platform “the Dignity and truth” in”, there is a risk that the President said he will lose not only his government but also the support of the Parliament.Igor Dodon went to the counter: he announced that the 14 may will be going to the security Council, which will discuss the investigation of the most notorious crimes of recent years — the withdrawal in 2014 of the three Moldovan banks a billion dollars. According to the Moldovan President, in the investigation of fraud, better known as “theft of the century”, there has been progress. Details he did not disclose, but added that this progress is linked to the fears of some members of Parliament and the “movement” that emerged recently in the legislature. Under the movement he obviously meant the movement of MPs between factions.Updating the Moldovan President has the theme of “theft of the century” at a time when it is a powerful attack, is hardly accidental. Earlier in connection with the Scam surfaced, the name of Andrian CANDU. At the same banks from which to withdraw money, in the time of the crime was under the control of the leader of the “shore” Ilan Shor, who is now hiding from justice in Israel.”Most likely further inflame passions up to a full-fledged political crisis,— said “Kommersant” the head of the Chisinau center for analysis and prediction of Balkan-Centre Sergey Manastyrly.— The President said he in fact declared war against anti-government unit CANDU and shore. The same has promised to publish Dodon compromising materials in the media.”
The crisis, the expert believes, is in the hot stage, when all participants in the bridges are burned and there is nowhere to retreat: “Central importance is the even groups, and individual deputies of the democratic party, their willingness to stay in the coalition with the socialists and save the majority or to leave the faction and provoke a complete reformatting of the parliamentary majority, government and all structures of power. The last scenario for Dodon is most undesirable, because at stake is the presidential election in which he will try is expected to be re-elected for a second term”.Chisinau political scientist Stella jantuan does not exclude that the attack on Igor Dodon can stand Vladimir plahotniuc, who even at a distance retains influence on many processes inside the country. “I suspect that initially it was his hand, the beginning of a multi-way game, which started plahotniuc”,— said interlocutor “Kommersant”. According to her, the tycoon, in 2019, forced to flee the country, now wants to fight back and “finish Dodon”. If in Parliament there will be a new coalition, says MS jantuan, it will be able to deliver to the President a lot of trouble. On may 14 it will become clear whether Igor Dodon’s response to ��dvigaysya on his threats.Vladimir Solovyov As Moldova seized without war and revolutionthe next