Used remedies not just throw in the trash. About what to do with them told the all-Russian research Institute on problems of civil defense and emergency situations (VNII GOCHS) of EMERCOM of Russia.

According to the recommendations of the experts of the Institute, after returning home from the street, carefully remove the mask and gloves in a pre-prepared plastic bag.

the Package you need to tie and is best kept in a remote and inaccessible to children place in the bin or on the balcony for three days. If the mask and gloves have the virus, during which time he will die. If, however, at once removed the mask to throw in the trash or put in the trash on the street, the virus will not go away and can infect and you while you carry the bucket, and people that you fit to throw garbage.

– After returning from street it is necessary to dispose of used personal protective equipment, putting them in a separate plastic bag, – stated in the recommendations for the population VNII GOCHS.