Economy to a Lawyer Mischaël Modrikamen goes to the court and ask them to take on the € 1.9 billion dividend, of which BNP Paribas Fortis is said to be willing to pay out to the French parent bank. This variety of media it is today.

as The financial institution announced that the dividend is on the 13th of march. Modrikamen has a claim for damages at the French parent bank, because of the way that they are, in 2008, cheap in the hand, put in the time, Fortis Bank, and bring in the L’echo and De Standaard, in herhinnering.

to Read well in Spite of ” I don’t pay a dividend: in Paris claims to be miljardendividend: BNP Paribas Fortis

Modrikamen (54) notice that, as the European Central Bank and the banks, recommending not to pay dividends for the coronacrisis. BNP Paribas Fortis wanted to be 1.9 billion was paid out to BNP Paribas, while the claim against the bank amounts to 7 billion euros, he said at the Echo.

in this respect, since Wednesday, the press will be discussed. Finance Minister Alexander De Croo said that Belgium’s voice will be heard, in the board of directors, in Belgium, is the largest shareholder in the French bank. He called it a dividend will not be paid. In accordance with The Standard pull Modrikamen today, or Friday morning, to the judge of attachments.

Modrikamen grew to more than a dozen years ago, during the financial crisis, to build a national reputation. He was recently a court case in which the beleaguered Fortis, according to his line of reasoning is much too cheap, has been sold to the French BNP Paribas. Aggrieved investors, are worthy of compensation, he says. His trial, which had to stop the lag, since 2013, it has hijbegin this year, a new lease on life.