Djamila Rowe (55) is the queen of the jungle in 2023. But not only she but also the jungle veteran Sonja Zietlow (54) was unusually emotional – and not just once in the current season.

So she cried when she commemorated her deceased moderator colleague Dirk Bach († 51), with whom she formed an almost iconic duo in the jungle for years. This year Jan Köppen was by her side for the first time after her last co-moderator Daniel Hartwich (44) said goodbye to the successful format. According to “”, she seemed to have liked the premiere with Köppen: “A very special thanks goes to Jan, who really gave us a wonderful season. Now I’m getting emotional again,” confessed Sonja Zietlow and had to wipe away a tear.

She hadn’t been able to hold back the tears before. And because of the new jungle queen. In the course of the show it became clear that Sonja Zietlow is a fan of Djamila Rowe.

The presenter was also overwhelmed by the fact that she had even won the season, which TV viewers did not miss: “The tears you see are not because of the smell, they are actually tears of emotion,” she said at the coronation. And when Djamila left the jungle over the infamous suspension bridge, you could follow a dialogue between the moderator duo, in which Sonja Zietlow said how happy she was for the new queen: “So cute.”

But not only this year did Sonja Zietlow show her emotional side. When Daniel Hartwich had his last appearance with her in 2022, in the “postlude” to that season, she also shed tears at his parting words to her there.

“My biggest thanks go to Sonja, who made it so easy for me in 2013 – even though it was so difficult. It was a crazy time, it was a crazy adventure. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have done this with,” Hartwich said on the show. Zietlow was touched: “I don’t need to say anything other than my tears. Thank you for nine unforgettable years.”

Series fans knew her from “24”, “Bosch”, “Runaways” and “Star Trek: Picard”; Actress Annie Wersching has died at the age of 45.

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